How to Visit the Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, Bali

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a must-see place if you’re visiting Ubud, Bali. This scenic trail follows the ridge between two river valleys and offers panoramic views of lush green hillsides, rice paddies, and tropical vegetation. Spanning 1.2 km, this peaceful walk is one of the most beautiful walking trails of Bali.

This guide will help you know what to expect before you go, how to get to Campuhan Ridge Walk, and where to find the instagrammable photo spot with the palm tree in the backdrop! Read on to learn more and don’t miss this activity on your Bali itinerary.

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How to get to Campuhan Ridge Walk?

There are 2 entrances to Campuhan Ridge Walk.

You can take a motorbike or taxi via Grab or GoJek – 2 ride sharing apps similar to Uber.

Note, there is no Grab near the second entrance mentioned below so if you end your trail there then you will need to walk all the way down to Amateras Restaurant to catch Grab. There are certain areas like this area where Grab pickups are restricted. You can however be dropped off here. So, I’d recommend being dropped off here and then walking towards the central Ubud exit. Or, you could just walk the trail back and forth as it’s not too long of a walk!

  1. Warung Murni Entrance: This entrance is located near the delicious Warung Murni restaurant. To reach it, you can walk along Jalan Raya Ubud until you reach the sign for Warung Murni (which has great food by the way). From there, you’ll find a small path that leads to the ridge walk. You will see a sign for Warwick Ibah Hotel and follow the path down. There is also the Pura Gunung temple nearby. Google Maps Location
  2. North Entrance near Karsa Kafe: Another entrance is near Karsa Kafe. You can access this entrance by walking along Jalan Bangkiang Sidem until you reach Warung Karsa Kafe. From there, follow the signs to the ridge walk entrance. On this side you’ll find plenty of beautiful rice fields. Google Maps Location

Map of Campuhan Ridge Walk

You can open the map below to see a map of the Campuhan Ridge Walking trail.

The Instagramable location of Campuhan Ridge with the palm tree in the backdrop is located at coordinates 8°29’56.6″S 115°15’18.6″E (Google Maps Location).

Where to Park for Campuhan Ridge Walk

You can park your motorbike in the designated parking area near the Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa. This parking area is located at the entrance of the walk and is free. There is also parking near the main road close to Warung Murni.

Is it free to visit Campuhan Ridge Walk?

Visiting the Campuhan Ridge Walk is free. There is no entrance fee. So you can access the trail and enjoy the scenic views along the way. It’s open to the public at all times and is a popular spot for both tourists and locals.

How long is the Campuhan Ridge Walk?

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) long one way. The walk typically takes around 20-25 minutes to walk if you don’t stop. When I visited I accounted for about 2 hours of my day including leaving and returning to my hotel in Central Ubud. I took some time to take photos and fly my drone while walking at a slower pace.

Is it hard to trek Campuhan Ridge Walk?

No, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is not too difficult to walk. It is a pretty easy walk for all fitness levels. The trail offers mostly flat terrain with paved pathways. It’s very accessible for both beginners and experienced hikers. The Central Ubud entrance does have some stairs but not too many and then you are set for a relaxing and scenic walk!

It is the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll or even exercise with a morning jog. I saw plenty of people walking their dog or going for a run!

If you’re a solo traveler in Bali you will really love this walk too!

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and bring water to hydrate before your walk.

Best Time to Visit

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is best experienced at sunrise or sunset. Both times offer nice lighting. At sunrise, you’ll of course find fewer crowds. I have visited at both times and sunset still wasn’t overly crowded but it was also a nice peaceful walk to have at sunrise. It’s best to avoid mid-day as the heat will be really strong. In terms of the time of year, the rainy season is from November to March so most tourists tend to avoid these times. However, the grass is a bit more green during the rainy season.

Can you fly a drone at the Campuhan Ridge Walk?

Yes, you can fly a drone at the Campuhan Ridge Walk! I flew mine as you can tell from all the photos and it’s relatively easy to do here.

Karsa Kafe & Spa

Many people stop for this cafe as a resting point. Did you know they also have one of Bali’s best flower baths at their spa, Karsa Spa?

You can plan for a massage and flower bath after your trek! Be sure to book at least one week ahead as this place is super popular.

Also, I tried the food here (I ordered a burger and fries) and it wasn’t that tasty to me. I would probably only visit for the spa and the drinks if I went again.

The ambiance here is incredibly peaceful and beautiful with all the views around.

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