10 best trullo hotels and masserie in Puglia

Wondering where to stay in Puglia or Salento? This post will cover the best trullo, hotels, airbnbs, and masserie in Puglia to stay in for a dream vacation in the Southern boot of Italy. It will focus on truly unique stays near the many beautiful towns of Puglia such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, and more!

Some hotels in here are luxury but many are quite affordable, especially for the amazing service and the fact that these are some of the prettiest hotels I’ve spotted! Puglia, Italy is one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to in the world and I have been here two times already exploring it deeply!

I’ve personally stayed in a few of these accommodations myself and can vouch that they are incredible experiences. The remaining were thoroughly researched by me, recommended by friends or locals, and found through inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest.

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To experience Puglia the right way, staying in a masseria or a trullo is a must! If you can, stay in 2 places during your trip so you can experience both of these types of accommodations which are very unique to the area of Apulia.

💡Pro-tip: If you don’t want to limit yourself, you will want to rent a car for your visit to Puglia. It can be pretty difficult to get around. Also, many of the masserie are located away from the town center in the countryside, so a car might really be necessary depending on where you end up booking. I used Discover Cars to book my rental and I definitely recommend them – it helped me find affordable rates across different car rental agencies around Puglia.

Be sure to read my full blog post here on renting a car in Puglia!

What is a masseria?

A Masseria (masserie, plural) is a fortified farmhouse typically dating back to the 16th century. The largest number of them are located in Puglia making it very special to the region. Many of them have turned into hotels you can actually stay in! They usually include an incredible breakfast served fresh in a farm-to-table environment.

When staying in one of these amazing farm stays, you will have some of the best service ever as you are welcomed in like you are family and taken care of from the moment you book your stay. Staying in one during your visit to Puglia is a memorable experience and will probably be one of the highlights in coming to this outstanding Apulia region of Italy.

Many of the stays offer cooking classes, the chance to buy locally produced oils, farm-to-table dining experiences, and a chance to be engrained in the culture and history of Puglia. Staying in a Salento masseria is a must!

What is a trullo?

A trullo is another unique accommodation type to stay in when visiting Puglia. A trullo (trulli, plural) is a cone shaped home made of stone. Alberobello is the most famous town for trullo and you will find over 1,500 here! Many of them have been converted to shops and hotels. Some Masserie have trullo stays too – like the place I stayed at below called Agriturismo Masseria Aprile.

Trullo: best places to stay in Puglia (Agriturismo Masseria Aprile)
Trullo: best places to stay in Apulia (Pictured: Agriturismo Masseria Aprile)

What’s the best area to base yourself in Puglia?

Where to stay in Central Puglia…

I would personally recommend staying in Locorotondo or Ostuni because it’s nearby the best towns in Puglia to explore. Also, there are many masserie scattered around this area and staying in one is a must! My favorite towns include Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, and Ostuni. These are all within easy reach and if you stay in Locorotondo you will also be closer to Matera, a lovely city known for its unique cave dwellings. While not technically in the Puglia region, it shouldn’t be missed!

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Locorotondo road trip through puglia, italy
Locorotondo – best places to stay in Puglia
Alberobello trullo home with bike

Where to stay in Southern Puglia…

In Southern Puglia, Lecce or Gallipoli are good options. However, I definitely preferred staying in the towns I mentioned in Central Puglia. Lecce is a big town, that is quite nice. I haven’t visited Gallipoli, but from what I hear it is more of a party / touristy beach town and that is not my thing. I would rather be in a village-like town that is picturesque! However, there are many beautiful beaches to visit in Southern Puglia that can be reached if you base yourself somewhere like Lecce. Otranto, Porto Miggiano, and the Cave of Poetry should be on your list if you go to Southern Puglia.

Porto Miggiano in Southern Puglia
Porto Miggiano in Southern Puglia

Where to stay in Northern Puglia…

I really wanted to visit Northern Puglia – specifically Vieste and Tremti Islands as I heard these places were incredible. However, they are a bit hard to reach. Vieste is situated 2.5 hours from Bari airport so a little further away. You could go for it or base yourself somewhere like Trani or Monte Sant’Angelo. Another great town to see while in Northern Puglia is Peschici.

The best place to stay in Puglia without a Car

If you don’t have a car, then I would suggest staying in one of the bigger towns that have a train station as it would be difficult to get around. However, you might miss out on staying in a masserie though as they are typically in the countryside as I mentioned. Towns good to stay in without a car would be Lecce, Alberobello, Bari, Brindisi, or Polignano a Mare. These towns have better public transport than some of the smaller towns.

Best Trullo and Masserie in Puglia

1. Agriturismo Masseria Aprile

🍰 Why Stay? Trullo & Masseria in one! + Best in Class Service and homemade cakes
📍Location: Locorotondo, Italy (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €150 Check prices & book here

Masserie in Puglia
Masserie Puglia near Locorotondo

The first time I traveled to Puglia, I stayed in Agriturismo Masseria Aprile. This stay in Locorotondo was the perfect area to base yourself in Puglia as it is within easy reach to the towns you won’t want to miss like Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, and Ostuni.

This place is a Masseria stay where you can actually also stay in one of the cute trullo homes so you get the best of both worlds! It is family-run and I felt so welcome here – one of the most hospitable stays I’ve had by far.

Stefania and her mother Anna were the sweetest people ever! They noticed it was my birthday and at breakfast, they surprised me by singing Happy Birthday in Italian and bringing me a cake with a candle as well as a bottle of wine. It warmed my heart and made my stay here so special.

Not only that, you will love Anna’s daily selection of hand-prepared cakes and I especially LOVED the focaccia bread, an Apulian specialty. You can take home with you extra virgin olive oil and jam, produced straight from their farm too. There are many adorable little animals roaming the masseria – cats, dogs, horses, and hens.

2. Masseria Montenapoleone

🧚 Why Stay? Fairytale vibes + the appertivo or dinner under the stars in a Vineyard!
📍Location: Near Ostuni (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €150 Check prices & book here

best hotels in Ostuni Masseria Montenapoleone
Masseria Montenapoleone prettiest hotels in Ostuni
fairytale hotels in Puglia, Italy
Best Masseria in Puglia – Masseria Montenapoleone: I booked the smallest room above since I traveled solo!

🎥 Check out this Instagram Reel on how my room at Masseria Montenapoleone looked!
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I loved Puglia so much that I came back a second time and I stayed at Masseria Montenapoleone. This dreamy hotel near Ostuni was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever stayed in by far. It reminded me of my favorite clothing store, Anthropologie because all the spaces were so chic and designed elegantly.

One of the highlights was having an aperitivo in the middle of a vineyard! With their locally fresh made food – it was an amazing experience. Throughout the property, there were so many beautiful pathways and spaces. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you want to feel like you’re in a real-life fairytale then stay here! The hosts were also incredibly kind making it a unique stay for sure. I stayed solo in one of their smallest rooms (pictured below) so that it could be more affordable and it was perfect for just me! Be sure to book dinner under the stars or a cooking class! There are also spa services right on the property.

3. Romantic Trulli

🔼 Why Stay? Best location in the heart of Alberobello + Unique trullo stay
📍Location: Alberobello, Italy (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €175 Check prices & book here

romantic trulli in alberobello best trullo hotels
Most beautiful places to stay in Puglia – a trullo hotel!
romantic trulli in alberobello

🎥 Check out this Instagram Reel on how my room at Romantic Trulli looked!

Situated in the heart of Alberobello, my favorite town in the Puglia region, Romantic Trulli, was trulli amazing!! First of all, although this is not a masserie, you get to stay in a trullo! Alberobello is famed for and this is one of the coolest things you can do when traveling to this area of Italy.

Secondly, you get your own private terrace with a view of all the 1500+ trullo that Alberobello is comprised of. I am a huge fan of views and this was the highlight of my stay here.

Not only that, the location is unbeatable. It is right in the midst of all the shops and town center of Alberobello. This particular Trullo is all over Instagram too – after I stayed, I kept seeing it on IG and was thinking, how cool, I stayed there! You can also get breakfast with your stay which is set up outside the trullo in the front patio.

4. Masseria Torre Coccaro 

👪 Why Stay? Luxury + Family Friendly Masseria
📍Location: Halfway between Bari & Brindisi (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €300 Check prices & book here

Masseria Torre Coccaro best luxury stays in Puglia, Italy
Prettiest Masseria in Puglia

Voted one of the best hotels to stay in the world, Masseria Torre Coccaro is a family-friendly Masseria is located halfway between Bari and Brindisi airport. It is a luxury boutique-style stay offering shuttle services to two private beach clubs! This hotel has an ancient watchtower on the grounds and was built in the 16th century.

Surrounded by olive groves, it has a romantic yet rustic feel. You can walk through a magical path full of grapes produced locally. During your stay, you can book one of their cooking classes – there are even pizza-making classes that children are welcome to attend as well. T

here are also many other activities you can join like wine and olive tastings, language courses, and painting classes. The resort stay is full of many villas spread throughout the property and a stunning pool with flowery scenery.

5. Rocco Forte Masseria Torre Maizza

🌾 Why Stay? Authentic Apulian hideaway
📍Location: Savelletri (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €300 Check prices & book here

best areas to stay in Puglia masserie

With a medieval tower, Moorish-style architecture and stylish rooms, a golf center, yoga lessons, and spa treatments, this luxury farm stay is all you need in your life. There is also a main restaraunt called Il Carosello, with local cuisine so you can indulge in typical Apulian food.

6. Masseria San Domenico

💆‍♀️Why Stay? 5 star rating + wellness center
📍Location: near Fasano (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €350 Check prices & book here

wellness hotels and best boutique stays in Puglia, Italy

This 5 star resort features a private beach, outdoor pool, and wellness center. It is the perfect place to escape reality and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time on your holiday. Relaxing can’t get any better since this masseria has a Turkish bath, sauna and hot tub on the premises. This wonderful farm stay produces its own vegetables, fruit and olive oil. Ideally located to many great towns in Puglia as well.

7. Hotel Don Ferrante 

🏨 Why Stay? Location + Style
📍Location: Monopoli (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €200 Check prices & book here

best boutique hotels in Monopoli,  Puglia
Masserie Puglia

This boutique style hotel is situated in a great area so you can easily visit Monopoli and Polignano a Mare – a true treat in itself. The design of the hotel matches the Apulian surroundings for sure, with the stark white décor and architecture.

8. Masseria Bagnara Resort & Spa

🤎 Why Stay? A Modern farmhouse stay
📍Location: Lizzano (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €225 Check prices & book here

Masseria Bagnara Resort & Spa

This renovated farmhouse has a more modern twist making it another great option for a dream vacation to Puglia.

9. Borgo Egnazia

🏡 Why Stay? A village stay within Salento
📍Location: Fasano (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €350 Check prices & book here

the best places to stay in Puglia, Italy

Borgo is actually the Italian word for village. This stunning property situated in close proximity to the Adriatic Sea is a unique stay built in the 21st century. It features a castle, a Michelin star rated restaraunt, and spa services. The rooms have a romantic feel and the service is top notch.

10. Masseria Cervarolo

♻️ Why Stay? An eco-friendly & affordable trulli farmhouse
📍Location: Martina Franca / Ostuni (Address)
💸 Nightly Rate: from €130 Check prices & book here

a trullo farmstay masseria in Martina Franca
Masseria Cervarolo – Affordable but beautiful places to stay in Puglia

This beautiful stay is a combination of a farm stay masseria and a trullo! It is also one of the more affordable masserie in this post. The farm stay is located only 4 miles from Ostuni and it is also close to Martina Franca, another smaller town well worth a stop on your Puglia road trip. This accommodation is super sustainable too – running on solar power, using only green products, and serving locally produced foods that are organic.

How to find the best Masserie Hotels in Puglia and Salento

The easiest way to find a wonderful Masserie is to search on Booking.com and tick the farm stays box under the filter options like I’ve done in the special link here!

Or, search from this map below and be sure to add the filter for farm stay or look for Masserie in the name of the booking:


I hope you enjoyed reading about the best places to stay in Puglia! If you have any suggestions to add or found this helpful, be sure to comment below!

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Wondering where to stay in Puglia? Find the best Puglia Masserie, trullo, and hotels in Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, and more!
Wondering where to stay in Puglia? Find the best Puglia Masserie, trullo, and hotels in Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, and more!

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