Locorotondo, Puglia: The Beautiful White Village in Italy

Situated in the heart of Puglia, Italy, lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Locorotondo, Puglia is the most beautiful white village in Italy. Go here if you’re seeking an authentic Italian experience. You’ll fall in love after admiring the narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and picturesque countryside. Locorotondo remains relatively unknown to many tourists, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path destination.

I visited Locorotondo on my 8 day Puglia road trip and it was the town I choose to base myself for the majority of my trip. This is because Locorotondo is situated in the middle of everywhere I wanted to go. It was within easy reach from Matera which sits outside the Puglia region and also towns like Polignano a Mare and Ostuni. Most of the towns were 30-45 minutes max from Locorotondo. You also have Cisternino and Martina Franco which are only 15 minutes away.

In this blog post, we will explore why you should visit Locorotondo, Puglia, and discover the secrets of this charming town. From its fascinating history and culture to its delicious cuisine and wine, Locorotondo offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in Italy. I explored the region several times and have numerous posts about Puglia so be sure to check out my other posts on the topic!

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Is Locorotondo worth visiting?

Undeniably, yes. Locorotondo stole my heart and you’ll see why when you visit too. It felt like the white version of the colorful town I adore in Burano, Italy. I loved the charming feel and wandering those white alleys without tourists around was a true joy. I simply got carried my tripod around each pretty corner snapping so many nice photos on my solo trip here.

🤳Check out this tutorial from my Instagram Reel of how I use my tripod to take photos traveling alone.
The tripod I use – it works with both Phone and DSLR!

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Locorotondo and the surrounding towns in Puglia is Spring or early Summer. Peak summer can get quite hot with it situated in the boot of Italy but still nice if you really want to visit during this time. If you have the chance to be in Locorotondo during Christmas, you’ll be in for a treat as the town is magically decorated during this time.

Where to Stay in Locorotondo, Puglia

I definitely recommend staying in a masseria which is a farm stay with the most hospitable service usually! It makes for a unique experience and you can find many wonderful Masseria stays all over Puglia.

My favorite ones can be found in my dedicated guide on where to stay in Puglia.

Agriturismo Masseria Aprile

I had the most incredible stay at a family-run farm stay that has been around for generations. It was called Agriturismo Masseria Aprile. I stayed in a unique Masseria (farm stay) that also had trulli which is a cone-shaped building made of stone. Stefania and Anna will make you feel like you’re part of the family. They were the kindest people ever and made my stay so great. They made every moment special and even knew it was my birthday surprising me with a cake and singing to me. The pictures of the beautiful room I had is below as well as the cute trullo homes. The name of my room was Trullo Superior “Conigliera”. 

Leonardo Trulli Resort

Leonardo Trulli Resort in Puglia is a unique and charming property featuring the traditional “trulli” accommodation and impeccable service. It’s located in the heart of the Valle d’Itria, a picturesque region ideal for exploring nearby towns and the countryside.

How to Get Around

The closest airport to Locorotondo is Bari Airport and it is a 1 hour drive away. Public transport is slim in Puglia so it’s recommended to drive especially if you want to explore neighboring towns.

🚗 I picked up my car rental after spending one day in Matera but it might be easy for you to book from Bari Airport too. I found my rental using Discover Cars which is a great aggregator site, that will find you the cheapest rates for a car rental. Read my full guide on driving in Puglia here.

The Best Things to do in Locorotondo

1. Wander the White Washed Streets

These adorable white-washed streets were exactly what made me love Locorotondo so much. It is so very quaint and you won’t find many tourists which makes your exploration even more relaxing and nice. The potted plants line many of the streets adding a nice pop of color. Explore the historic center and admire the traditional architecture and charming ambiance. If you prefer a local’s expertise, you can take a walking tour and learn more about the local traditions of Locorotondo (Book the tour here). Some stops to not miss include the Town Hall, the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, and the Mother Church. The Mother church dates back to the 18th century and features a Baroque façade and a beautiful bell tower. The interior is adorned with frescoes, stuccoes, and marble altars.

2. Try traditional Puglian food

The food in Puglia has me mesmerized. Try some of the traditional dishes of the region, such as orecchiette with turnip greens or grilled lamb chops. The name “orecchiette” means “little ears” in Italian and this pasta is shaped similarly to the shape of an ear.

Below are some of the best places to eat in Locorotondo:

  1. La Taverna del Duca – This restaurant is located in the historic center of Locorotondo, and serves traditional Pugliese dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients. The menu includes dishes like orecchiette with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese, as well as fresh seafood and meat dishes.
  2. Pizzeria Casa Pinto – This restaurant has the best pizza in town!
  3. Osteria il Rosone – Considered one of the best restaurants in Puglia and it has a homely feel. Another great place to try orecchiette.
  4. L’Arco Dei Tipici – this is a cute deli where you can grab some sandwiches and even make your own charcuterie board.

3. See the stunning Palazzo Morelli

This beautiful palace, located in the historic center of Locorotondo, is a wonderful example of 18th-century architecture. Take a guided tour of the palace and admire its elegant interiors and impressive art collection.

Locorotondo puglia italy picturesque buildings

4. Sample wine

Locorotondo is located in the heart of the Puglia wine region, which is known for producing high-quality wines, including Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Verdeca. There are several wineries and wine bars in Locorotondo and the surrounding areas where you can sample these wines. Pavi Wine is the perfect place to enjoy wine, apertivo, and a view!

5. Stay in a trullo

As I mentioned before, I stayed at Agriturismo Masseria Aprile which was both a Masseria (farm stay) and trullo in one. Trulli which is a cone-shaped building made of stone. They were originally built in the prehistoric period as temporary dwellings for agricultural workers. Today, trulli are a popular tourist attraction, especially in Alberobello which has over 1,500 cone-shaped homes. Many have been restored and converted into vacation rentals, shops, and restaurants. You won’t want to miss this unique experience!

6. Explore the many other nearby towns

Be sure to check out my blog post on all the great towns I visited during my 8 day Puglia road trip. Cisternino and Martina Franca are literally only a 15 minute drive from Locorotondo and are super charming.

7. Visit the Annual Christmas Market

If you have the chance to be in Locorotondo during Christmas, you’ll be in for a treat. I have actually died to visit during this time because I’ve seen pictures and the place explodes with Christmas joy. You’ll find the Christmas lights and decorations in early December and they usually stay up until early January. The exact dates may vary slightly from year to year, but you can expect to see the town beautifully lit up with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Locorotondo is known for its charming Christmas market, which takes place in the town’s historic center and offers visitors the chance to sample traditional Puglian Christmas treats, browse handcrafted gifts and decorations, and enjoy live music and entertainment.

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