Solo Travel Interview with Adriana: Solo Travel While in a Relationship

I’m continuing my series of solo travel interviews, aimed at inspiring you to take your own solo journey! If the idea of traveling alone makes you apprehensive, then keep reading. These remarkable individuals have embraced solo travel, seizing the world on their terms without waiting for companions.

If you’re considering solo travel for the first time, this interview with Adriana Neptuna is a must-read—it’s packed with insights to boost your confidence! She’s also got some great advice on solo travel while in a relationship and currently, she’s in her second year of traveling the world full-time. The dream!

I met Adriana for the first time when I was traveling solo in Bali. We had both followed each other on Instagram and never actually met in person. We didn’t know if we’d get on or not but we really did get on! And it was part of what made my solo trip to Bali so great! This is proof that you can really make friends anywhere.

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About Solo Traveler Adriana!

Hi, I’m Adriana! I was born in Australia but I am fully Polish by heritage and grew up there too! 1.5 years ago I quit my job to travel the world and I have just reached the USA for the first time!

Where you can find Adriana:
📝 I have my own travel blog called Wanderlicious where I share my passion for travel with everyone!
📸 Instagram: @wander.licious

What inspired you to start solo traveling?

My first long-term solo trip was in 2021. I have a partner but he didn’t have any annual leave, which meant I had 1 month off and no one to travel with. So I went solo! I was quite scared at first, but I made a plan to ensure I met other travelers or people along the way, either by joining people on tours or encouraging friends to meet me for a long weekend, and to be honest, it really worked! I never ever felt lonely, I was always meeting new people, and it was great. In terms of safety, I always agreed to keep people updated of my whereabouts daily.

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What advice would you give others who want to travel solo and are in a relationship?

I feel very fortunate to have a partner that has always been really supportive of my desire to travel and meet new people. I wasn’t sure if I should solo travel and it was actually him that gave me the encouragement to do it.

I think the best thing to do is to explain to your partner why you want to travel, and how you think it might make you a more confident, happy person.

You can join gendered group trips (all female/all male) if that makes you more comfortable or stay in female-only dorms/male-only dorms in hostels.

7 tips for traveling solo while in a relationship

  1. Communicate openly: Talk to your partner about your desire to solo travel and address any concerns or fears they may have. Open communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship while pursuing your individual passions.
  2. Set boundaries: Establish clear boundaries with your partner regarding your solo travel plans. Discuss how often you’ll check in with each other, what activities are off-limits, and any other expectations you both have.
  3. Plan together: Involve your partner in the planning process by discussing potential destinations, creating an itinerary, and setting goals for your solo trip. This can help alleviate any worries they may have and make them feel more involved in your journey.
  4. Reassure your partner: Assure your partner that your solo travels are not a reflection of your relationship. Let them know that you value your time together and that solo travel is simply an opportunity for personal growth and exploration.
  5. Be honest and trustworthy: Maintain honesty and transparency with your partner throughout your solo travels. Keep them updated on your whereabouts and activities, and be respectful of any concerns they may have.
  6. Stay connected: Make an effort to stay connected with your partner while you’re away. Schedule regular video calls or send updates and photos of your adventures to keep them involved in your journey.
  7. Trust each other: Trust is essential in any relationship, especially when it comes to solo travel. Trust that your partner will support you and respect your independence, and trust that you’ll remain committed to each other despite the distance.

How old were you when you started solo traveling?

The first time I actually flew solo was 16 (I was meeting people on the other end), and the first time I traveled solo was probably 23/24.

What’s your favorite solo travel experience?

Interrailing around Europe! I got a train pass on my own and traveled to as many countries as possible by train, it was incredible.

For those not familiar, interrailing is a popular way to explore Europe by train. It offers flexible travel options and the freedom to visit multiple destinations within a single trip using a single rail pass.

It’s particularly good for solo travelers as it provides a safe and convenient way to travel and the opportunity to meet fellow travelers along the way.

By eliminating the need for individual tickets for each journey, Interrail passes can help save money, especially if you’re planning to visit several countries or cities during your trip.

I visited so many places by train including France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and more!

Did you make new friends while solo traveling?

I made friends with almost everyone I met! Even the owner of the Airbnb I stayed at was super sweet, she made me breakfast every morning (was not actually included in the price) and we chatted about the local region of Lake Bled. She was the best, and she home-brewed her own cherry liqueur. This goes to show you should stay somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable whether it be a hostel or an Airbnb with a welcoming host!

I also would join tours so you meet other travelers along the way, or if you stay in hostels or co-working spaces you meet people pretty easily.

Someone is worried about not enjoying the trip alone: what would you say to them? 

Rip the bandaid off and go for it! Thousands of people travel solo just like you! And they make friends along the way. If you remember there are probably tons of other people in the exact same situation as you: traveling solo and want to meet other people, you’ll be fine.

Start by staying in a hostel or co-working area (you can get private rooms in both, if you want), but staying in shared dorms also is great to meet people.

Many people think that traveling solo is very expensive, do you agree?

Goodness, no it’s so cheap! Choose places that are budget-friendly. Asia has got to be one of the cheapest places to travel to, you can stay in hostels for £1 a night, but I pushed the budget out to £10 a night. I also met up with friends/made friends along the way and shared rooms with them if I wanted privacy.

Safety while traveling solo: what do you feel we could say to all those girls worried about it out there?

Safety is a HUGE factor for me, and I never go places without researching it first. I always let people back home know my whereabouts. I also ensure that if I’m in a place where I don’t feel comfortable going out at night alone I’ll either stay in and order food, or travel with other people. I also often use Uber/Grab so my rides are tracked at night, rather than getting in unknown taxis.

Travel Insurance for solo travelers

It’s definitely worth getting travel insurance whether you’re traveling alone or with others and I recommend SafetyWing which will cover you in case of any accidents or hospital visits. While it’s unlikely to happen, better safe than sorry!

How often do you travel and what do you usually like to do when you travel?

Right now I’m literally traveling full time. I loveee outdoorsy activities, like hiking, seeing waterfalls, and experiencing new foods. Just anything new! I’m not a huge partygoer, I don’t mind occasionally, but not all the time!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face while traveling solo?

Probably my initial hesitation and fear before booking a trip. Once I’m there, it’s honestly fine!

Where do you recommend first-time solo travelers to go?

I honestly can’t recommend Asia enough. Thailand is possibly my favorite country. You get travelers from all over the world there, and you’re very likely to make friends pretty quickly. It’s safe, the people are so friendly, the food is delicious and it’s so budget-friendly.

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What is on your travel bucket list?

I would love to go to Cappadocia in Turkiye, Alaska, I’d love to go somewhere where I can see a Polar Bear like Norway, Hawaii, and… I’d love to do Iceland again.

Do you have any advice for those traveling solo for the first time?

Don’t hesitate. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

How has solo traveling changed you?

It made me more confident and honestly, more happy. I realized I’m stronger and more capable than I thought!

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A big thank you to Adriana for sharing her travel story. I hope you feel inspired to start traveling alone!

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