Best Places for Solo Female Travel in 2023

I’ve compiled a list of the best places for solo female travel in 2023. I’ve traveled to a countless number of places alone! If I can, you can too!

Safety is one of the biggest concerns as a female solo traveler and I get it – especially if you are new to solo traveling. 

Asher & Lyric created a woman danger index (the higher the number the more dangerous) ranking the safest countries to go based on important factors such as walking alone at night, sexual violence, and intentional homicide of women.  

These were the results from the top 10 safest countries for female travel and I can personally say I’ve traveled to all of them but Singapore!

Like with any city, incidents can always occur so my best advice is to stay alert and be smart in your travels.

Of course, there are many other safe places to go than this list covers but these might be the easiest for new travelers. For example, I believe Japan is super safe but if you’re not an experienced traveler, it might be complicated to navigate such a country, especially with the language barriers.

Country: Danger Index (higher # less safe), Score rating A-F

Travel Insurance for Solo Travelers

As a solo traveler, you may encounter unexpected events such as flight cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. Travel insurance can provide financial protection and peace of mind during your trip. SafetyWing is a popular option for solo travelers as it offers affordable, flexible insurance plans that cover a range of issues including COVID-19 medical expenses and travel delays. They also offer 24/7 customer support and the ability to purchase coverage while already on the road.

I recommend SafetyWing which will cover you in case of trip cancellations or any accidents during your travels.

Essentials for solo travel

  • This super cool scarf has a hidden zipper that allows you to hide important things like your passport or money. A useful thing to have for a solo traveler.
  • A keychain flashlight is handy to have in case you’re ever walking alone at night and it’s too dark to see your surroundings.
  • I always carry a mini first aid kit in case of any accidents and I can be a clumsy person!
  • One thing I never leave home when traveling is a portable compact mobile phone charger like this one. I have run into a few situations where I was stuck in a tiny village in Italy and no one knew English. Sadly my phone died and I felt crippled without my phone. I was unable to use google translate to conversate or navigate anywhere. Also, be sure to carry a backup one too in case one dies, or just be sure to always charge it daily!
  • My favorite tripod is this compact tripod for mobile phones – people constantly ask me how I take solo photos and this is how!

The Best Places for Solo Female Travel

Spain: 212, B+

Spain wins as the safest place to visit in the world and it’s also the second most visited country. You can bet that the streets are safe to walk on as a female and there is low violence against women.

Madrid, Spain

Singapore: 245, B+

The only country in the top 10 not in Europe or Canada. I haven’t personally been here but its been on my bucket list!

Ireland: 247, B+

Some of the nicest and helpful people I’ve met was when I traveled to Ireland! They are also pretty easy going and chill here. There are also low levels of sexual violence here.

Austria: 252, B

Austria has some of the lowest sexual violence against women and did you know that 100% of women here have had some sort of secondary education

Hallstatt, Ausria

Switzerland: 253, B

My first solo trip ever was in 2012 to Zurich, Switzerland and boy was I nervous but I felt comfortable traveling here and never stopped traveling solo since!

Norway: 260, B

Norway was a dreamy place to explore especially relaxing and seeing the beautiful fjords. I felt great on my own here and it was a good nature escape with ample of time to reflect.

Portugal: 278, B

One of my favourite places I’ve visited, Portugal is really safe. Everyone is super friendly and most know English which normally can be a real barrier. I absolutely loved solo traveling in the Algarve region of Portugal too!

Agueda, Portugal

Croatia: 287, B

With close proximity and strong roots to Italy, Croatia is a beautiful country to explore alone.

Rovinj, Croatia

Canada: 291, B

Canada has some of the most polite people around! and is another country I recommend visiting if you are just starting out as a solo traveler. If English is your only language it also helps to start with Canada for your first solo travel experience. You can also enjoy some beautiful hikes in Canada which is a great solo travel activity!

Poland: 291, B

Poland is also a great option for a solo traveler. I recommend going to sociable cities such as Gdańsk or Krakow.

Gdansk, Poland

The 5 most dangerous countries for solo travel

But don’t let it discourage you from visiting just be smart and maybe go with a friend or organised tour!

South Africa 772, F
Brazil 624, D-
Russia 593, D
Mexico 576, D
Iran 553, D

For the full list be sure to check the resource from Asher & Lyric where this information was gathered from!

Top tips for traveling safely

 Don’t tell strangers you are traveling alone. Just say you have friends in the city to avoid sharing you are on your own.
– Don’t go out late on your own. I usually just do a lot of sightseeing in the day and dinner and go home after that to be safe. Nighttime can be intimidating for first-time solo travelers.
– Keep valuables hidden & don’t wear anything flashy to call attention to yourself. Pickpocketing can be an issue in many cities. Be sure to keep your phone in sight and don’t get distracted walking down the roads staring at your phone when you aren’t familiar with your surroundings!
– Learn emergency phrases. Being able to tell a local you are in danger or just saying “leave me alone!” in the native language can really help.
– Always let a friend know your travel plans. Maybe even share your location for a few days with a close friend using find my friend or something similar. I have gone on dates traveling and would tell my friend ahead of time and share my location to be safe.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know where will you travel solo next! For me, I hope to travel solo in Iceland. It is a great place for nature lovers and the crime is considerably low.

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want to know the best places to travel for solo female travelers? Based on safety factors such as walking alone at night and safety of the country, these are the top places to go for a first time solo traveler.
want to know the best places to travel for solo female travelers? Based on safety factors such as walking alone at night and safety of the country, these are the top places to go for a first time solo traveler.

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