Best Independent Coffee Shops and Brunch Spots in London

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This guide tells you the best independent coffee shops to go to in London and is therefore not your typical Starbucks guide! I am all for supporting local and I see the extra effort and detail these small businesses put into place. However, London tends to have a lot of small chains where the coffee shops are still in the small business category but they may have 3 or 4 locations (London is HUGE so this helps with all the different neighborhoods).

Something I really enjoy is going to the cutest coffee shops ☕ and relaxing with an Iced Latte in hand on my own. Many coffee shops also have brunch and I am obsessed with brunch!

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⭐ NOTE: Please be sure to read till the end as I have a Google Map with over 100 (YES, 100!) independent coffee shops and cafes marked.

This was inspired by a book I got called “111 Coffee Shops in London That You Must Not Miss.”

The Top 10 Best Independent Coffee Shops in London

1. Grind

Grind Coffee shop bar in Clerkenwell London

With a few locations all over London, you must stop by for the chic interiors and fun signs! Like this one that says “I remembered and I was like f**ck!” It is super chic and they have the best coffee ever! However, I was sad to hear the Clerkenwell location (pictured above) has closed but the other spots are just as great! I get a subscription of their ground coffee straight to my home and even make my own Iced lattes at home. Plus, they have an amazing brunch! I love the Sweet Potato Harissa Cakes. And don’t forget to try their killer espresso martini.

Various locations,

2. Monocle

Located in Marylebone, this cafe is situated in one of London’s prettiest areas. It makes for a great stop to read a book and sip on a nice latte. It is one of the best independent coffee shops you will find in London plus the facade is pretty dang cute.

Address: 18 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7QA

Monocle coffee shop facade in Marylebone, London

3. Farm Girl

There are a few locations around London including the Soho one (pictured) and the original in Notting Hill. They have very healthy food options like Acai Bowls in addition to a spin on your normal coffee. If you want a Rose, Golden Tumeric, or Lavender latte, for example, this is your place!

Various locations,

4. Kaffeine Coffee

When I worked in Soho, I loved slipping into this coffee shop before work or during lunchtime. It was a relaxing place and has a traditional coffee shop feel meaning I could take my time there.

Various locations,
Address: 66 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, London

5. Daisy Green

The various location names end in Green. Daisy Green is the Marylebone location. They have bottomless brunch making this a must stop place!

Various locations,

6. Lantana

Aussie’s really know good coffee & brunch. This & Grind might be my favorite places to have brunch and coffee if I had to narrow this list down further!

Various Locations,

7. The Gentlemen Baristas

Besides the cute facade making it a reason to visit in itself, this coffee shop makes its self known as a place you can have superb coffee in inspiring surroundings.

Various Locations,

8. Granger & Co

Another Aussie cafe located in Notting Hill and other areas. The Notting Hill one is nice because I am a sucker for West London. West London. to me is one of the prettiest areas!

Various locations,

9. Aida

Located in East London, a super instagrammable cafe from its interiors to its pink swirled coffee!


10. The Attendant

Another quaint intimate cafe where you can sip a latte and watch the world pass by!

Shoreditch & Fitzrovia,

100+ Coffee Shops MAPPED!

All the coffee shops & cafes you could imagine mapped below for you to find easily!

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