13 Best London Markets to Visit for Street Food and Shopping

London is jam-packed with incredible markets just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re on the hunt for unique vintage clothing or craving some seriously good street food, there’s something for everyone. In this post, we’ll uncover the best London markets to visit.

Take Camden Market for instance. It’s full of bustling alleys where you’ll find quirky stalls filled with retro gems and all sorts of cool stuff. And don’t miss Brick Lane Market, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of street art, crafts, and other cool finds.

Foodies will love Borough Market! It’s the place to be for gourmet goodies, from freshly baked treats to exotic spices. And if you’re feeling more adventurous with food, head over to Southbank Centre Food Market for flavors from around the world.

But London’s markets aren’t just about shopping and eating. Portobello Road Market is full of antique stalls and unique finds. And Brixton Market is a melting pot of cultures, offering up Afro-Caribbean vibes and delicious international cuisine.

Now let’s get into the best London markets as they are a must-visit on your London itinerary!

Best London Markets on a Saturday and Sunday

If you’re looking for the best London Markets to visit on a Saturday or Sunday, these are it!

1. Borough Market

When it comes to must-visit food markets in London, it has to be Borough Market. This is also the most touristy food market but it really lives up to the hype especially if you’re a foodie. It is located near London Bridge and has so many endless options to choose from.

Some of the best food I tried at Borough Market with my ratings!

  1. Cheese Toastie at Kappacasein: 10/10 this is my absolute favorite thing to get at Borough Market. The cheese is melted and scooped out of a chees wheel.
  2. Breakfast sandwich at Wyndham’s: 8/10 was really good and had a nice portion size. 
  3. Fresh oysters at Richard Haward’s: 7/10 if you love oysters this is the place to get them but I am not a huge fan so my rating is lower. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good to those who like oysters.
  4. Crumble with hot custard at Humble Crumble: 8/10 you have to try it – as it’s gone super viral on social media. I am not a huge sweets person and it’s very sweet.
  5. Fish & Chips from fish! 5/10 the chips were a bit dry and we’ve tried better fish & chips before.
  6. Sausage Rolls at the Ginger Pig: 10/10 for £5 this was one of London’s best sausage rolls.
  7. Chocolate-covered strawberries: 9/10 These viral strawberries will set you back £8. They are super fresh but the price point is a bit crazy.

This market is especially busy on the weekend so if you don’t like crowds read on to learn about Maltby Street Market, a nearby hidden gem.

Check out my Instagram video to see how I rated all the food I tried!

🍽️ Must-try food: Cheese Toastie at Kappacasein
🕜 Opening Hours: 10 AM–5 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday; 9 AM–5 PM on Saturday; and 10 AM–4 PM on Sunday, with closure on Mondays.
📍Address: London Bridge (Google Maps)

2. Maltby Street Market

Nestled in Bermondsey, Maltby Street Market is a hidden gem known for delicious food options. The market is only open on the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays. It is one of the best Sunday London markets to visit! This market is actually my personal favorite and a great stop if you’re looking for non-touristy things to do in London. They have everything from street food to gourmet snacks, and specialty coffee. The duck and cheese raclette chips were amazing. They also have a delicious steak and chips which you can get from @TheBeefsteaks.

Also lined down the market are great stores, bakeries, wine shops, and pubs where you can sit in and enjoy a drink.

🍽️ Must-try food: Steak and Chips from The Beefsteaks
🕜 Opening Hours: Saturday from 11-5 and Sunday from 11-4pm.
📍Address: Bermondsey (Google Maps)

3. Camden Market

Camden Market is open every day, but Sundays are particularly lively. You can browse through eclectic stalls selling clothing, accessories, art, and crafts. Don’t miss the delicious street food options available throughout the market. The best food stalls to try include The Mac Factory for mac & cheese, Oh my dog! for great hot dogs, and Arepazo Bros for delicious arepas.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: Mac and Cheese at the Mac Factory
🕜 Opening Hours: Food Hall Hours are Monday-Sunday from 11.30 am-9 pm
📍Address: Camden Town (Google Maps)

4. Columbia Road Flower Market

If you’re looking for the best London Sunday markets, don’t miss Columbia Road Flower Market. Located in East London, this market offers a stunning array of flowers, plants, and gardening accessories.

The market is always packed full of people so it’s best to go on an early Sunday morning when things are quieter or right before closing time but that can still be quite busy. I do hear some vendors will have flowers on sale towards closing hours.

The Hackney area is so cute with many boutiques and coffee shops lined on the street where the market is held.

🌷 Type of Market: Flower Market
🕜 Opening Hours: Sundays, 8am-2pm
📍Address: Hackney (Google Maps)

5. Broadway Market

Broadway Market is one of the best London markets to visit on a Saturday and Sunday! It is also located in East London in the Hackney neighborhood. Not too far from the Columbia Road Flower Market.

Some food to try at this foodie paradise include the pork sandwich at Hogs Roast and the sausage roll at Willie Pies.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: pork sandwich at Hogs Roast
🕜 Opening Hours: Saturdays from 9am to 5pm and Sundays from 10am to 5pm
📍Address: Hackney (Google Maps)

Best London Indoor Markets

6. Mercato Mayfair

Did you know about London’s secret foodie haven: Mercato Mayfair?

This spot is no ordinary food hall—it’s set in an actual church!

I tried their handmade pasta from @dez_amore and it was so good. They have a selection to choose from like a bolognese with burrata or a truffle pasta.

But wait, there’s more! From gourmet sushi to mouthwatering pastries, this place is a foodie’s dream.

Check out my Instagram video on what this place looks like!

🛒 Type of Market: Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: handmade pasta from Dez Amore
🕜 Opening Hours: On Sunday, the market operates from 12 PM to 10:30 PM, while on Monday through Thursday, it runs from 12 PM to 11 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, the market operates from 12 PM to 12 AM.
📍Address: Mayfair (Google Maps)

7. Seven Dials Market

Tucked away in bustling Covent Garden is Seven Dials. A huge indoor food market spanning 2 floors with amazing foodie options. Try Masala Chai at Chai Guys, milk bread at Ong Ong Buns, and dumplings at Osh Paz.

Pick & Cheese is another great choice. It has the world’s first cheese conveyor belt where you can pick up some British-sourced cheeses. On Wednesdays, you can book bottomless for £25 and get unlimited cheeses for one hour!

🛒 Type of Market: Indoor Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: dumplings at Osh Paz
🕜 Opening Hours: Open Daily. On Sunday, the market operates from 11 AM–9 PM, on Monday and Tuesday from 11 AM–10 PM, and from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM–11 PM.
📍Address: Covent Garden (Google Maps)

8. Arcade Food Market

Arcade Food Hall is located near the Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. This amazing London indoor food hall has at least 13 restaurants to choose from. It’s perfect if you can’t agree on a place to eat with a friend. You can order from your phone using the QR code provided.

Top choices include the Chicken Mo Mo at Tipan Tapan, the tacos at Mexa, and the tempura prawns from Sushi Kamon.

🛒 Type of Market: Indoor Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: tempura prawns from Sushi Kamon
🕜 Opening Hours: On Sunday, the market operates from 11:30 AM–9 PM, while on Monday through Saturday, it runs from 11:30 AM–10:30 PM.
📍Address: Tottenham Court Road (Google Maps)

Best London Shopping Markets

9. Covent Garden Market

Camden Market is open every day, but Sundays are particularly lively. You can browse through eclectic stalls selling clothing, accessories, art, and crafts. Don’t miss the delicious street food options available throughout the market.

🛒 Type of Market: Food and Shopping Market
🕜 Opening Hours: On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the market operates from 10 AM–7:30 PM, while on Monday and Wednesday, it runs from 10 AM–6 PM.
📍Address: Covent Garden (Google Maps)

10. Portobello Road Market

One of the best things to do in Notting Hill is visit Portobello Road Market. Notting Hill is such a fun neighborhood to explore located in West London It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in addition to Hampstead and Primrose Hill! There are so many quirky shops, antiques, and knick-knacks you can find here.

It’s also a food lover’s paradise. Mr. Chips for chips, Gozleme for Stuffed Turkish Flatbread. I’ve also seen they have delicious arepas and arancini among so many other food options.

The market is open 7 days a week but Saturday is the best day to visit to see it in full swing. Exit from Notting Hill Gate and make your way there in less than 10 minutes.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: Gozleme for Stuffed Turkish Flatbread
🕜 Opening Hours: The market operates from 9–6pm Monday to Wednesday, 9-1 pm Thursday, 9-7 pm Friday for Antique stalls, and 9-7 pm on Saturday, which is the main day.
📍Address: Notting Hill (Google Maps)

11. Greenwich Market

Located in the historic Greenwich area, this market offers a mix of antiques, crafts, vintage clothing, and handmade goods. It’s a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts. If you love handmade items like you’d find on Etsy, this is the market for you.

There are 48 market food stalls to choose from! Choose from freshly made empanadas from The Andes Empanadas, signature pork sausages from the Sausage, and more.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: x
🕜 Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am – 5.30pm.
📍Address: Greenwich town centre (Google Maps)

Best East London Markets

12. Brick Lane Market

In East London, Brick Lane Market is a bustling hub of food stalls, vintage clothing vendors, and quirky shops. You can find everything from street art to international cuisine here.

Brick Lane Market is the collective name for many different markets in the immediate area. That includes Backyard Market which sells jewelry and other nice accessories. The outdoor food stalls are endless and there’s also indoor food stalls at Up Market.

Up Market is one of London’s best Indoor Markets. There are so many international foods available here. From Asian to Mexican, there’s something for everyone.

Must-try foods include Makimayo for Korean Popcorn Chicken, Yum Yum Street for Chinese food, and for desert try Dutch Pancakes.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: Makimayo for Korean Popcorn Chicken
🕜 Opening Hours: Open daily from 11-6pm and on Sundays it opens at 10am.
📍Address: Shoreditch (Google Maps)

13. Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market is located in the East London neighborhood, Shoreditch. The market is open daily and has amazing vintage finds, clothing, and food stalls. Don’t miss the dumplings at Dumpling Shack, Fen for hand-pulled noodles, and We are Melt for a cheese toastie.

🛒 Type of Market: Shopping and Food Market
🍽️ Must-try food: Dumplings at Dumpling Shack
🕜 Opening Hours: The market operates from 10 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 9:30 pm on Saturdays, and from 10 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.
📍Address: Liverpool Street (Google Maps)

By now you’re probably really hungry after reading about the best London markets! Leave a comment below if you tried any of these.

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