Where to see the Best Wisteria in London (updated 2024)

Who else is in love with that cascading purple flower? If you are obsessed with wisteria, then what better city to explore this gorgeous flower than London. There is absolutely no shortage of stunning wisteria displays in this magnificent city. You’ll find some of the best wisteria in London on quiet and picturesque residential streets most popularly in beautiful West London neighbourhoods such as Notting Hill or South Kensington. However, this is not the only place to find it as wisteria simply pours out of London.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best wisteria in London, where to find them, and what makes them so special. There will be some less-known spots noted in here too and some you can even find in South London or in the very heart of Central London. Wisteria hysteria is a testament to the undeniable allure of these delicate blooms and the magical atmosphere they bring to London each spring. So, join in the wisteria craze which will surely leave you in a state of pure floral enchantment.

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Helpful tips for your wisteria photo hunt:
When to go: Wisteria is in bloom from late April to May
👗What to wear: White looks great to pair with the wisteria if you’re looking for great outfits to wear on your wisteria hunt in London [shop for white dresses here]. Also, matching the color of the wisteria can be nice and you could wear a lilac-colored dress. Be sure to always accessorize with a fun hat like this one which is similar to the ones in my photos below! It really adds more to the photo and helps you to know what to do with your hands if you get lost.
📸 Photoshoot experience: Would you love to have amazing photos with the wisteria? You can book a photoshoot like this one!

When does Wisteria Bloom in London?

Wisteria season typically starts in London during the spring season, from late April to May. The exact timing of the wisteria bloom can vary depending on the weather conditions and the specific variety of wisteria. As the temperatures begin to warm up and the days get longer, the wisteria vines start to bloom with gorgeous clusters of purple, lavender, or white flowers.

Where to find wisteria in London?

Wisteria in London can be found in various neighborhoods throughout London, but some areas are particularly known for their beautiful displays of wisteria during the blooming season.

Remember, while it’s wonderful to appreciate the beauty of wisteria, it’s equally important to be respectful of the communities and individuals living in these areas. By being considerate and mindful of people’s homes, you can enjoy the wisteria displays while maintaining a positive and respectful presence in the neighborhood.

1. Notting Hill

This prestigious West London neighborhood is famous for its colorful houses and picturesque streets. Many of the houses in Notting Hill have stunning wisteria displays adorning their facades or climbing up trellises. St. Luke’s Mews and Horbury Mews are my favorite in this neighborhood.

2. Chelsea

Known for its upscale shops and elegant residences, Chelsea often features wisteria on the fronts of its grand townhouses and along its charming streets. Take a walk through the neighborhood to spot wisteria in full bloom.

3. Hampstead

Hampstead is a leafy suburb in northwest London with a village-like atmosphere. Its residential streets are often adorned with wisteria, making it a wonderful place to explore during the springtime. This is the beautiful neighbourhood I live in and one of the best areas to find wisteria. I simply love the Pergola Hill & Garden for its wisteria.

4. Kensington

This affluent area is home to Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace. It is a prime location for wisteria in London. You can find the purple flower decorating the facades of homes and adding to the sheer beauty of the neighborhood. Canning Place with its magnificent wisteria climbing a tall white building is situated in this neighborhood.

5. Richmond

Located by the River Thames, Richmond is known for its vast green spaces, including Richmond Park and Kew Gardens. Many houses in this area have wisteria in their gardens, making it a great place to enjoy the blooms.

10 Best Locations for Wisteria in London:

1. Canning Place

One of the best spots for wisteria in London is Canning Place which is located in South Kensington. This picturesque street features a beautiful white home draped with wisteria vines.

📍Address: 10 Canning Pl (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: South Kensington

2. Horbury Mews

This might be one of my favorite places for wisteria in London. It is tucked away on a quiet pathway in Notting Hill. There are so many adorable houses here and the wisteria-covered home is truly special.

📍Address: Horbury Mews (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Notting Hill
📸 Photo tip: There are so many great angles to choose from. Sit on the bench, stand in front looking at the wisteria, and do a close-up shot, or take pictures of the full building at an angle. Grab a hat (similar to mine here) or a prop to make things more interesting!

3. Peckham Rye Park (Sexby Garden)

This spot is a bit less frequented due to it being out of central London. Located in South London, Peckham is a must-visit for its edgy and trending vibe. Peckham Rye Park’s Sexby Garen turns into a wisteria paradise during the Spring season. It felt like a true fairytale being in the midst of this wisteria. Don’t miss this place during your hunt for wisteria in London.

📍Address: The Sexby Garden, Peckham Rye Park (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Peckham

4. Ladbroke Road 

I love walking through Notting Hill, you find some of the nicest spots ever. This one was found by accident on my walk from Horbury Mews to St. Luke’s Mews although the street seems pretty busy with cars passing through. I felt this wisteria was the most delicate and fairytale-like of all the others I had seen. It was so pretty and I love the street photos you can get here. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for the best wisteria in London.

📍Address: Ladbroke Road (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Notting Hill
📸 Photo tip: Stepping further away from the wisteria makes a great shot as the subject will be closer and the background will be fully framed. Just be careful of all the cars passing by on this street.

5. St. Luke’s Mews

St. Luke’s Mews is one of my favorite streets in London with the brightly painted pink building and always a bike out front. A mews is an old horse stable. Mews streets in London are the prettiest hidden streets! Also, this is where Love Actually was filmed. During wisteria season you will find 2 main areas of wisteria flowers. One building across the pink one as well as the bush you see here in the photos.

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📍Address: St. Luke’s Mews (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Notting Hill
📸 Photo tip: This street can be full of instagrammers but if you wait patiently you can find some quiet times. Frame your subject behind the wisteria with the pink building behind for a unique angle. Grab a hat (similar to mine here) or a prop to make things more interesting!

6. Kynance Mews

Another gorgeous mews street in London is Kynance Mews. It offers a plethora of gorgeous wisteria with these teal green windows adorning the building. The awned arch entrance to the street in the backdrop also offers a beautiful element to your photos. In autumn, this is also a popular spot as the leaves across the archway turns a stunning orangey-red color.

📍Address: Kynance Mews (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: South Kensington
📸 Photo tip: This one is a bit hard to capture straight on as the road is a bit narrow so you can experiment with a lot of nice angles here.

7. Bedford Gardens

How adorable is that pink door with the purple cascading flowers hanging in front? This is one of the cutest spots to find wisteria situated near Holland Park. Bedford Gardens is a must-see wisteria spot.

📍Address: Bedford Gardens (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Holland Park
📸 Photo tip: Frame the pink beautiful door with the wisteria surrounding it by taking your photo from the street. Be mindful as this is someone’s home like many of the places listed in this post.

8. New Square

As I was walking to work one day I stumbled across this beautiful square in the heart of Holborn and this gorgeous building which was full of ample wisteria. This location was relatively quiet when I came by and not as known to all the instagrammers as the popular West London spots.

📍Address: New Square (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Holborn
📸 Photo tip: should be able to come at any point in the day and capture this beauty peacefully.
🎥 Check out my video on Instagram to really see how it looks!

9. Stanley Crescent

Popular during the blossom season too, Stanley Crescent is just as stunning when the wisteria starts to bloom in April/May time. The white elegant homes make it one of the most classy stops of your wisteria hunt through London. This spot is extremely busy so plan to go early.

📍Address: Stanley Crescent (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: Notting Hill
📸 Photo tip: Super busy location so patience is key or arrive early!

10. Stafford Terrace

Stafford Terrace is another busy instagrammable location for wisteria in London. Similar to Stanley Crescent, it features a gorgeous white home. No wonder it is one of the biggest wisteria hotspots in London.

📍Address: Stafford Terrace (Google Maps)
🏘️ Neighbourhood: South Kensington
📸 Photo tip: This is a very busy Instagram location for wisteria. Be sure to go super early if you want it alone or capture one section of the wisteria as I have above. Close-ups are your friend here.

Hope you liked these wisteria spots in London. Be sure to add your favorites in the comments below and suggest any new ones!

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