Canva Instagram Reels Cover Template & Going Viral Tips & Tricks!


Do you want to know how I add cover headlines on my reels tab but keep the text off the grid view of my feed for a clean look? and more importantly, do you want to know my top tips and tricks for going viral on Instagram reels?

Then this is for you!


Wondering how to make your reels cover have text on the reels tab but show without text on the grid page? Then grab my Canva Instagram Reels Cover Template.

This is a preview of how my reel covers look and you can see it live on my IG feed too!

grid view - IG covers

I will also share my reels going viral tips – coming from someone who has grown over 130k followers from reels, I know that it’s best to make bingeable content by allowing viewers to easily understand what the reel is about before clicking!

Canva is a free tool you can use and I’m sharing my template which will show you exactly where the text cuts off and how to position the text for your reel. You can customize your covers after using the free tool!


  • 1 Instagram reels Canva cover template
  • Video Instructions on how to create Instagram reels covers like I do!
  • Tips on how I went viral on my reels (I’ve had millions of reel views & the highest video got 14.6 million views)
  • 20 Reels Content Ideas

– Will only work with Canva – a completely free platform.

– You can customize it to your liking – change the background photo and the text above the photo.

– Returns are not accepted as this is a digital product but I assure you, it will be useful! Contact me if you have any issues downloading.