How You Can Make Your Dream to Move to London (or anywhere in the UK!) a Reality

Are you dreaming of moving to London (or any part of the UK!) as an Expat?

Due to popular demand after posting a viral reel with over 13 million views on my move from the US to London, I have compiled all my tips and knowledge on how to make the move to London as a foreigner.

The e-book is 47 pages long on 8.5 by 11 sized pages. It is super thorough and worth the purchase I promise! It even goes into how to apply for your British Citizenship.

in this e-book you will discover


I strongly believe if you dream hard enough, you can make anything happen. I dreamed of moving to London and now nearly 6 years later I am applying for my citizenship without the need to give up my US citizenship too! In this guide, I give you all the steps to make it happen for you too so you don’t have to scour the web aimlessly with no real answers.

  • Visa types for your move & how to become a permanent resident
  • Tips for finding a job & list of companies that sponsor.
  • Cost of Living guide (NY& Atlanta vs London) for your move
  • How to prepare for your move & adjust to life in London
  • How to Apply to become a permanent resident
  • How to apply for British Citizenship
  • How to apply for your first British Passport
  • 6 amazing bonuses

what’s inside

Chapter by chapter breakdown

how to move to the uk

(1) Inspiring you to live your dream (2) Helpful resources (3) how I moved abroad (4) Visa types for the move (5) list of companies that sponsor (6) Becoming a permanent citizen

getting ready to move

(7) Finding a job (8) cost of living in the UK vs USA (9) what to pack (10) how to find a flat with neighborhood guide

adjusting to life in London

(11) first month in London (how to setup bank account & more) (12) healthcare in London (13) filing your taxes (14) weather in London (15)
meeting friends in London

Full guide on

Becoming a Citizen

I go into the process of applying for citizenship, what requirements and documents you need, as well as links to apply, my personal timeline, and more!


  • Packing checklist
  • Moving abroad checklist
  • Budget Sheet
  • List of 130+ American vs British words that differ
  • Where to shop for what in the UK!

frequently asked questions

This book is written from the perspective of an American but ALL nationalities can use the guide as the same rules apply. So if you’re from India, Australia, Asia, etc you will find use from this book.

Of course, you can email me at Any questions are welcome!

The book is 14 chapters long with 5 amazing bonuses. It is 47 pages long and is on 8.5 by 11 sized pages with 16 px font. It will be delivered to you via a link.

Since this is a digital product and you get access right away, refunds are not accepted. But I promise it will be useful!