7 Best Pyramid View Hotels in Cairo, Egypt

Most people are surprised that the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt are right next to civilization and not in some remote desert area. You can actually stay right in front of the pyramids because there are so many hotels near the pyramids. And, I’ll help you out with the best pyramid view hotels in Cairo!

Believe it or not, there is even a Pizza Hut next to the pyramids which also has insane views from the rooftop. Now make it your mission to stay in one of these bucketlist hotels – you won’t regret it

. Just imagine waking up to the pyramids from your window. It truly is like you haven’t woken up yet and are still dreaming. One of my most spectacular moments was doing just that.

I stayed in 2 of the hotels below with these pyramid views and was in complete awe. Watching the sunset in front of the pyramids was also super glorious!

So read on for the best pyramid view hotels in Cairo, Egypt. There are some budget-friendly affordable options as well as more luxury 5-star options included in this post.

Top choices:
budget hotels near the pyramids: The Guardian Guest House (~$65/night)
mid-range hotels near the pyramids: Jacuzzi by the Pyramids (~$160/night)
luxury 5 star hotels near the pyramids: Marriott Mena House (~$340/night plus)

Budget Hotels with a Pyramid View

1. Guardian Guest House

The Guardian Guest House is my favorite of the pyramid view hotel in Cairo. It is a budget-friendly hotel that is around $65 a night at the time of writing. It has impressive views in front of the Sphinx and pyramids. There is also a rooftop where you can see similar views to the room pictured here.

Free breakfast is included in your booking and you could even take it up to the rooftop to enjoy with the wonderful views. Not only that, the people running this hotel are super kind and hospitable. It was a basic hotel with no frills but it was still very clean and in a great location. You can see by the reviews it’s highly rated too.

It is a super short walk to the entrance to the pyramids making it convenient to stay here. Also, don’t miss the Pizza Hut nearby where you can go to the rooftop and find insane views of the pyramids without crowds!

The room I booked was a double room with 2 beds and it was room number 106.

📹 Check out my Instagram video showcasing this hotel! Most people thought the view was fake because it was truly unreal but yes this is real! Waking up to the pyramids is a true dream.

2. 9 Pyramids View Hotel

📸 Photo: Courtesy of hotels.com

Nine Pyramids View Hotel is another affordable hotel near the Great Pyramids of Giza. You can dine at their restaurant on the rooftop and enjoy breakfast as well with a pyramid view. At night, you can witness the sound and light show for free from the comfort of the hotel and many of the other hotels mentioned in this post for that matter. This show takes place at 18:30 in winter and 19:30 in summer. You will see the pyramids light up in different colors which is a cool experience.

3. Giza Pyramids View Inn

📸 Photo: Courtesy of booking.com

The Giza Pyramids View Inn is a 4 star hotel starting at around $50/night and has rooms facing the Sphinx and pyramids. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast or dinner in front of the pyramids.

Be sure to check out my post on the best Nile River Cruises if you have plans to visit Luxor & Aswan too!

4. New Pyramids Eyes Hotel

📸 Photo: Courtesy of booking.com

The New Pyramids Eyes Hotel is a 3-star hotel located only 1.5 miles from the pyramids. Rooms have balconies overlooking the pyramids. This is another basic but clean hotel near the pyramids.

Mid-range Hotels with a Pyramid view

5. Jacuzzi by the Pyramids

Jacuzzi by the Pyramids is an airbnb with a 3 pyramid view. The unique feature of this apartment-style hotel is that there is an actual jacuzzi in the room. You can soak in the jet tub with incredible views – what an unreal moment!

The other really cool thing about this hotel is that the blinds in Apartment 3 automatically lift up. I accidentally booked the hotel pictured above, apartment 4. This one does not have the automatic blinds but I was able to get permission to enter apartment 3 just to film it. As you can see in my Instagram video, the blinds are automatically lifting up revealing the most insane view of the pyramids. This particular airbnb has blown up on social media. It is definitely one of the most instagrammable hotels in Egypt.

The only thing to note about this place is that it is a bit hard to find. It is located on a side street in a residential area and we had trouble finding it but the host helped us locate it. It is also a bit of a secluded area from tourists. I wouldn’t call it unsafe but if you feel on edge, it might not be for you. Again, Egypt is very safe in my opinion and I had no issues but I wanted to flag. This Airbnb is a bit on the pricier side. It cost me $160 a night when I visited in December. It was definitely worth the view.

After staying, I discovered the same building has another apartment for rent, called Hi Pyramids and you can book it here. There is no jacuzzi but it has a balcony overlooking the pyramid view.

📹 Check out my Instagram video showcasing this hotel!

Luxury Hotels with a Pyramid View

6. Mariott Mena House

📸 Photo: Courtesy of booking.com

Marriott Mena House is a 5 star hotel facing the Pyramids of Giza. This hotel is unique because it is surrounded by 40 acres of green gardens. So you will find beautiful greenery in front of the spectacular view of the pyramids. This luxury-style hotel offers spa services and comfortable clean rooms with balconies where you can enjoy breakfast and a view. It is one of the best pyramid view hotels in Cairo and the one of the few 5 star hotels with a view like this.

7. Steigenberger Pyramids Cairo

📸 Photo: Courtesy of booking.com

Steigenberger Pyramids Cairo is another luxurious hotel with views of the pyramids. There’s a pool area you can even lounge while admiring the ancient Egyptian pyramids. You can also catch the view from some of the rooms and they also have balcony views too. Rooms go from $200 to $1,000 a night depending on the season and type of room you book. This hotel is really close to the Grand Egyptian Museum – you can walk there even.

Pro-Tip: There are endless hotels by the Giza Pyramids! If you want to check more options, check this booking.com link where I’ve narrowed the filter to pyramid view hotels!

I hope you found this post useful in planning which pyramid view hotel to stay in during your visit to Cairo. Trust me staying in front of the pyramids is a once and a lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss!

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