Best things to do in Rovinj, Croatia: Istria’s most charming town

Croatia is becoming increasingly popular but if you’d like to discover the hidden gems of the country, visit Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. If you know me by now, I am all about finding the less touristic spots and I am always in search of the most picturesque towns. This guide will take you specifically through the best things to do in Rovinj, Croatia, a charming town in Istria.

Croatia has strong Italian influences due to its close proximity to the Italian border. The official language is both Croatian and Italian. I took advantage of this and also visited Venice during my trip by taking a 4-hour ferry there.

Where to Stay in Rovinj

I based myself in Rovinj and rented a car to explore the Istrian villages of Hum, Motovun, and Groznjan. I was able to visit all 3 villages in one day. Hum is known to be the smallest town in the WORLD. I also visited Zigante Tartufi, literally truffle heaven with a restaurant and market.

Rovinj was definitely my favorite, full of cobblestone streets and gorgeous architecture. I came here on my birthday and was smiling happily as I wandered the pretty streets in my fancy birthday suit.

Rovinj croatia table by the sea instagrammable
You can find this beautiful blue sea and table in front of a boutique called Atelier Charm

Best things to do in Rovinj, Croatia

♡ Grisia Street: Grisia is a popular street leading up to the Church of St. Euphemia. Find cute shops and restaurants here.

♡ A table by the sea: Visit the most instagrammable spot just in front of a clothing boutique called Atelier Charm. You can see the beautiful blue sea with a table set up directly in front. The exact location can be found here.

♡ Climb the tower at the Church of St. Euphemia: In every city, I travel to, I have to find my view. I am a sucker for gorgeous cityscapes and will climb till I find the perfect view. This was definitely worth the trek up. I have done this in many cities that have clock towers – but be aware the steps are very narrow but I managed my way 🙂

♡ Rovinj Old Town

♡ Go to the Beach

♡ Watch the epic sunsets at Rovinj Marina

♡ After dinner chill on the Big Pier

rovinj croatia beautiful streets

Here’s a video of the incredible views.

YouTube video

Best Places to Eat in Rovinj, Croatia

The area of Istria is known for TRUFFLE, mmm my favorite thing ever. You will find truffle inspired dishes at many of the restaurants.

🍽️ La Puntulina – I had a lovely dinner here; I got a truffle pasta and truffle cheese mmmm
🍽️ Monte
🍽️ Tipico
🍽️ Kantinon
🍽️ Balbi
🍽️ Scuba
🍕Pizzeria Da Sergio
🍸Hotel Adriatic

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  1. Rovinj is a gem of a city! The only “downside” the way I see it is that it is just to popular (for good reasons) among tourist. We where there in August, and the old town was absolutely packed.. The next time I travel there I am going early spring.

    I would really recommend Il Faro restaurant by the way. It is a 10 minute walk from the old town, with amazing food and really great people working there.