Insider Tips to visiting Grotta della Poesia – The Cave of Poetry in Puglia, Italy

Welcome to the stunning Grotta della Poesia, also known as the Cave of Poetry located in Salento, Italy. It is a true hidden gem in the beautiful southern region of Puglia, Italy. This breathtaking natural wonder is just waiting to be explored. The Grotta della Poesia is an incredible place known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and dramatic rock formations. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to visit this the Cave of Poetry as well as insider local tips before you go.

What is the Grotta della Poesia / the Cave of Poetry?

These are the top insider tips for visiting the Cave of Poetry in Puglia, Italy. Also known as Grotta della Poesia in Italian. The Cave of Poetry is a spectacular natural swimming pool in Puglia, Italy. It is a must-visit spot if you’re in the south of Italy. I didn’t find a lot of information on this spot when searching google which means it’s really a hidden gem that mainly only locals know about.

I’ve never seen anything like it! When I went, it was quieter than usual as many tourists weren’t around due to covid. The stairwell to enter the pool was closed when I went and they said you’re not allowed to enter the pool but people do it anyway. There was a guard at the stairwell and jumping in was the only way to get in! See the video linked below of this! I was too chicken to jump in.

How to get to the Cave of Poetry

The pool is located only 30 minutes from Lecce. I took a road trip through the Puglia region and this was one of my stops! I stayed in Lecce and drove there in a rental car. There was plenty of parking (paid) right before you enter the area. Entry is €3.

You will definitely need a car to get there. I use Discover Cars to rent a car and it provides the cheapest rates by comparing different rental agencies. You can also read my full blog post here on renting a car in Puglia!


Later on, I found out from a local that once you go in there’s a secret pathway to an UNDERGROUND BEACH! To get to it you must find a tiny tunnel on the left of the pool. Then you’ll come up into the underground beach which is full of darkness but apparently, locals enjoy it to themselves with a tray of lasagna and a flashlight at hand! There are also at least 3 other secret caves around that you can only get to by swimming there. How cool is that? I wish I could have experienced that.

Regardless, I was able to get some cool pictures as an observer of this beautiful place!

grotta della poesia cave pool in Puglia
The Grotta della Poesia is Italy’s best kept secret
grotta della poesia
grotta della poesia	cave of poetry italy
grotta della poesia in puglia, Italy - staircase to enter pool
grotta della poesia	cave of poetry italy
YouTube video

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Hopefully, you can add Grotta della Poesia to your list! If you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments!
♥ Jackie

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