Guide to Procida, Italy – the Most Colorful Island

Procida, Italy is the most colorful island in Italy. While it’s not part of the Amalfi Coast, it is located extremely close to it and is often overlooked by other towns like Positano and Amalfi. Procida, Italy is not to be missed if you love colors and a beautiful sunset. It is one of the most under-the-radar things to do while visiting the Amalfi Coast.

This charming island is located in the Bay of Naples, in Southern Italy. Procida remains undisturbed by tourists making it the perfect destination for an authentic Italian experience.

One of the reasons I loved Procida so much was for its unique and colorful architecture. The island’s buildings are painted in pastel colors ranging from pink, blue, yellow, and orange. The many colors create a cheerful and lively atmosphere. On top of that, you can see the colorful houses in front of the beautiful view of the blue sea. Walking around Procida’s narrow streets and alleys is like exploring a living painting, with each house having its own personality and character. No wonder why it was named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022!

sunset in procida italy

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Things to do in Procida, Italy

Procida is a small island only 4 square km but it doesn’t mean it’s not full of amazing things to do. Visit for the stunning beaches, the crystal-clear waters, and the breathtaking views. The foodie scene is also quite good. It’s a must add to your Amalfi Coast itinerary!

1. Admire the most gorgeous sunset at Terra Murata

The sunset at Terra Murata alone was what would make it worth traveling here as it was one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen. Overlooking the colorful town, you could admire the beautiful view from Terra Murata, a historic fortified hilltop village. As the sun descends, you’ll see the gorgeous orangey hues fill the sky with the calm waters beneath and the pastel buildings lining the horizon.

You can find the exact location here.

Terra Murata viewpoint procida italy
Terra Murata viewpoint procida italy
sunset in procida italy

2. Explore Marina Corricella

Marina Corricella was my favorite area to explore with all the brightly colored buildings stacked one on top of another.

3. Go to the Beach

There are many beautiful relaxing beaches around Procida you can lounge at all day and those include:

Chiaiolella is a wonderful sandy beach located in the south of the island. This is possibly the most popular beach in Procida. It offers crystal-clear waters and several restaurants and cafes nearby.

Ciraccio is a more secluded beach that is located in the northeastern part of the island. Here you will definitely escape the tourists and be surrounded by cliffs and greenery and clear blue waters.

Spiaggia del Postino is a small beach in the lower part of the island. It is named after the famous Italian film “Il Postino,” which was filmed here.

Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio is yet another amazing beach in Procida situated in a small cove on the western side of the island, near the picturesque village of Corricella.

4. Explore the Abbey of San Michele

The Abbey of San Michele is a medieval church full of insanely beautiful frescoes and mosaics. It really showcases the island’s rich cultural heritage and is worth a visit.

5. Take a boat tour around the island

A boat tour around the island is one of the best activities in Procida. You’ll find hidden coves and beaches, and be able to admire the stunning landscapes. It is also an opportunity to see the island from a different perspective. This is the Procida boat tour I recommend as it takes you around the beautiful island in a schooner.

5. Try the local cuisine on Procida Island

If you want really great food, Procida is the place to go! The island is famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Italian cuisine. Make sure to try the local specialties, including fresh fish, homemade pasta, buffalo mozzarella, and lemon liqueur.

My favorite was Ristorante La Lampara, which is also the perfect spot for admiring the view with some great seafood.

See below the views from Ristorante La Lampara:

Other great places to eat include:

La Lampara: my fav as noted above, with an amazing view.
Il Maestrale
La Locanda del Postino
La Pergola: I missed it, unfortunately, but looks really cool with lemon trees all around. I was told you should try the very delicious lemon salad – Procida is known for great sweet lemons.
Da Girone
Crescenzo Hotel Ristorante

6. Take a hike around the island

Since Procida is a small island, take advantage by walking or hiking. The most beautiful view can be found at Terra Murrata as noted but there are many other nice trails to walk along. Check out the different trails here.

As you walk around, look for all the pretty wandering cats – how pretty is this one?

cat in procida italy
the pretty kitties of Procida

How to get to Procida

Getting to Procida is easiest from Naples as there aren’t any direct routes from Capri or many of the other towns along the Amalfi Coast. You can buy your ferry ticket from Caremar. Ischia, another nice island, is only 10 minutes away so you could definitely visit there too!

Best places to stay in Procida, Italy

I stayed further away (at Giola 13 – I didn’t really enjoy the location or service so I wouldn’t recommend this place) from the Marina Corricella area and regretted that. If I could do it again I would stay only 1 night which is all I felt I needed and stay at a place where I could admire the view I so adored. Hotel La Corricella or San Michele Boutique Hotel both seem like the perfect place to stay on Procida Island.

Amalfi Coast Bonus Map

Here’s a handy map with hotels, restaurants, and things to do, all mapped for your ease! Procida and other Amalfi Coast areas are covered.

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