Why Wisteria Season is the Best Time to Visit Lake Como, Italy

Wondering when the best time to visit Lake Como is? Well, it has to be wisteria season in April! This is because you’ll find Lake Como covered in stunning wisteria everywhere you go. Sadly, it only lasts around 2 weeks in the year so you really have to plan properly when to visit. If you can’t visit during the Wisteria season, April to May and September to October are also great months to visit. During this time the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds. Peak tourist season is in the summer and during this time, prices skyrocket and it is difficult to find accommodation due to the magnitude of people that visit.

I have visited Italy more than any country in the world and truly love it! Lake Como is a place I visited extensively so be sure to check out my many Lake Como guides.

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Before you go:
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💜 Best time to visit Lake Como: Wisteria season! You will find most of the villas blooming with gorgeous Wisteria. The time varies each year but it is typically around the end of March and into April. You can ask the hotel staff at Villa Cipressi or one of the other villas when they expect it to come as you plan your trip.

Lake Como Weather by Month

Here’s a table of the weather in Lake Como by month.

MonthHighLowRain Days
January8°C / 46°F3°C / 38°F5
February8°C / 47°F3°C / 38°F5
March11°C / 52°F6°C / 42°F7
April14°C / 57°F8°C / 46°F10
May 19°C / 66°F12°C / 54°F12
June23°C / 73°F16°C / 60°F10
July26°C / 79°F18°C / 65°F8
August 25°C / 75°F18°C / 64°F9
September21°C / 70°F15°C / 59°F8
October17°C / 62°F12°C / 53°F8
November12°C / 53°F8°C / 45°F8
December9°C / 49°F8°C / 41°F5

When is Wisteria Season in Lake Como?

Wisteria season in Lake Como typically occurs during springtime from late April to early May. During this time, the wisteria vines burst into bloom, creating stunning displays of cascading purple or white flowers.

The exact timing can vary depending on the weather and local climate conditions, but late April and early May are generally considered the prime months.

If you specifically want to witness the wisteria in full bloom, it’s a good idea to check with local sources to plan your visit without disappointment or even current location tags on Instagram. I would check with the local hotels like Hotel Cipressi in Varenna, for example, as they’d know how the season is looking and when to expect it.

In 2023, I visited from April 11th to 15th and it was great timing. Different locations will bloom earlier or later so again just check with a local source to be sure.

When is the Best Time to Visit Lake Como?

Anytime between April to October is a good time to visit Lake Como. April is my favorite time to visit Lake Como if timed with Wisteria season. However, the weather can be hit or miss and is very variable since it is shoulder season. Shoulder season offers the benefit of traveling to Italy with a slightly lower budget.

During my trip in mid-April, we had a day or two of gloomy, cooler weather in Bellagio and then some fantastic days with sunshine and warmth. As you can see I’m dressed above in a summer dress in April! It can be a little cooler at times so be sure to bring layers in case of cooler nights or rainy days.

The hottest temperatures you might experience in April would generally range from around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (59 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

I think this time of month is worth it because witnessing the Wisteria was simply stunning and really changed the atmosphere of the places we visited like the famous Lake Como Villas including Villa Cipressi in Varenna and Villa del Balbianello in Lenno.

When I browsed the shops and local artwork, postcards, and souvenirs we saw Lake Como depicted in all the beautiful wisteria so this is proof that it’s the way to experience Lake Como!

Where to see Wisteria in Lake Como: 7 Best Locations

I’ve scouted some of the best locations in Lake Como for wisteria. There is so much of it across all the Lake Como towns and it’s so beautiful to see all the varying types! Here are my favorite locations which are all the top Instagram spots in Lake Como!

1. Villa Cipressi (Varenna)

There are 2 beautiful villas in Varenna. Villa Cipressi is one of them and has to be my favorite location to see the wisteria in Lake Como. This is because of the dreamy gate covered in wisteria overlooking the sea. The wisteria is sadly only alive for 2 weeks. I was lucky enough to be there at the right time around April 14th but the exact timing varies per season.

Just be aware, that sometimes the gate is closed with a chain. When you can open it up, it makes for an amazing video! You can see my video on Instagram here.

PS: If you’re only you’re only coming to Lake Como as a day trip from Milan, Varenna is a must for your visit!

2. Hotel Royal Victoria (Varenna)

One of the most famous and instagrammable places in Varenna has to be Hotel Royal Victoria. Come by for a coffee, drink, or a meal and hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to sit at a relaxing seat in front of the sea during wisteria season. You’ll find the beautiful wisteria draping down from the trees making for a very special photo!

3. Villa Monastero (Varenna)

Villa Monastero, is the second villa you’ll find in Varenna. It’s much larger than Villa Cipressi but located right next door. The terraced gardens overlook the lake, offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. When I visited, there was a huge pathway of gorgeous wisteria!

4. Hotel Florence (Bellagio)

Bellagio is one of my favorite Lake Como towns. While here, don’t miss having a sunset drink or lunch at Hotel Florence in Bellagio. Chilling here was one of my favorite things to do in Bellagio. This wisteria-covered restaurant is reason enough to visit. The wisteria covers the awning of the outdoor restaurant making it the picture-perfect place. Especially as you can see the beautiful lake front and center.

5. Hotel Bellavista (Menaggio)

Menaggio is a quieter town in Lake Como which is more affordable and perfect for families. I stayed in Hotel Bellavista and it was only €140 a night to have a room with a balcony and lake view. In the backdrop, you could see the beautiful wisteria in full bloom.

6. Il Gabbiano (Menaggio)

If you walk along the path to the sea, eventually you’ll come across this cute little wisteria spot with a door in Menaggio. It is located next to Il Gabbiano.

7. Villa del Balbianello (Lenno)

Villa del Balbianello, located in Lenno on the western shore of Lake Como, is a stunning historic villa with picturesque gardens that offer breathtaking views of the lake. The villa is known for its beautiful terraced gardens, and is a famous destination for films such as James Bond’s “Casino Royale.”

In spring, particularly in April and May, the wisteria at Villa del Balbianello comes into full bloom, enveloping the pergolas with its bright purple hue.

You can see what Villa del Balbianello is like in my Instagram video

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of when the best time to visit Lake Como is. My vote is the beautiful wisteria season. But no matter what you choose, Lake Como is an amazing place to visit! If you’re planning a trip there, don’t miss reading up on my 4 day itinerary to Lake Como.

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