Things to Do in Bellagio: Lombardy, Italy’s Prettiest Town

Did you know Bellagio is Lombardy, Italy’s prettiest town? It is a picturesque village set along Lake Como where you’ll find stunning mountain views. I fell in love with this charming town and maybe by the time you read this post and see the place yourself, you will too! Bellagio is the most famous of the Lake Como towns. The cobblestone streets, delicious Italian cuisine, and countless shops will never leave you bored. Read on for the best things to do in Bellagio, Lombardy’s pretty Italian lakeside town.

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Before you go:
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💜 Best time to visit Lake Como: Spring or late summer. I by far loved visiting during Wisteria season! You will find most of the villas blooming with gorgeous Wisteria. The time varies each year but it is typically around the end of March and into April. 

Best Things to Do in Bellagio, Lombardy

Bellagio is in the Lombardy region of Italy and is one of the best Lake Como towns to visit. Be sure to plan a visit in April, which is the best month to visit Lake Como in my opinion.

Here are the best things to do in Bellagio!

1. Visit the Most Famous Street in Bellagio Lombardy

Salita Serbelloni is the most famous street in Bellagio and maybe even in Lake Como itself. You’ll find the postcard-perfect photo comes up first when you google search Bellagio. The iconic street depicts a cobblestone pathway that gently ascends through the heart of the town. Lined with quaint boutiques, inviting cafes, and artisanal shops, the street has a timeless ambiance that beckons you to explore at a leisurely pace. As you stroll upward, the stunning vistas of Lake Como gradually unveil. No wonder why it’s always full of people exploring! It’s one of the prettiest streets ever.

📸 Photo opportunity: If you go early before 10 am you can have it to yourself to take photos. Just note that the restaurant might be setting up and there may be garbage bins as they prepare for opening. If you go later in the day, it may be mission impossible as it’s a busy street.

Read my full post on the Best Lake Como Towns

2. Villa Melzi

Villa Melzi D’Eril is a beautiful villa and garden that should not be excluded from any Bellagio Lombardy itinerary. The villa was constructed between 1808 and 1810 for Francesco Melzi d’Eril. Although the villa itself remains a private residence, the gardens are open to the public. You will find many flowers and greenery throughout the garden area with stunning views of Lake Como. The cost is €8 to visit and you usually don’t need to pre-book. It is definitely worth going and a is a short 12 minute walk from the Bellagio town center.

📍 Location: Bellagio (Google Maps)
Opening Times: Open from the end of March to the end of October. Hours are 10-7pm daily.
🎟️ Entry: Entry is €8. No need to pre-book. For more information, visit their official website here.

3. Shop at the Many Boutiques

Bellagio does one thing right and that is offering a plethora of boutique-style shops. Bring your wallet with a gelato in hand and explore the many streets full of shopping. There is definitely something for everyone whether it be a special souvenir you’re after or a cute new outfit. The best shopping street in Bellagio is Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and the surrounding side streets.

4. Sail along Lake Como

One of the highlights of my visit to Lake Como was taking a private speed boat tour! I was able to see so much this way from the luxury of this classic-style boat. From the boat, you can see many of the different villas and even pass by the waterfall and bridge in the small town of Nesso. I won’t lie, this was a super expensive tour but if you split it with a group of friends, it’s totally worth it. The private one I booked is here but they also have shared boat experiences here if you’re on more of a budget.

5. The Gardens of Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio

Villa Serbelloni is a beautiful park where you can see panoramic views of the town. Just keep in mind that you can only visit with a private guide and can’t venture away from the group. The guided tour lasts 1.5 hours and only runs twice a day at 11 am and 3:30 pm. If you can only visit one villa in Bellagio Lombardy, don’t skip Villa Melzi as it offers more to see. This one, however, is wonderful for the views you’ll see as you do have a small hike up to the top. You won’t be allowed to take photos of the villa itself but photos of the views are definitely allowed. This is because the actual villa is private and the owner’s privacy needs to be respected.

📍 Location: Bellagio (Google Maps)
Opening Times: you can only visit by guided tour and it runs 2x a day at 11 am or 3:30 pm.
🎟️ Entry: Entry is €10. Better to book ahead here but it is possible to show up before the designated tour slots and buy at the counter.

6. Watch the Sunset at this Rooftop Bar

Hotel du Lac has an amazing rooftop bar where you can watch the sunset with a beautiful view. The best time to go is at sunset to watch the sky turn pink above the lake. I think this may be the only rooftop bar in Bellagio and it was quite hidden. Don’t miss this hidden gem in Bellagio!

7. Dinner at Trattoria San Giacomo

Situated right in the middle of the classic photo point above, Trattoria San Giacomo is a great spot for dinner. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a tourist trap since it had such a prime location. I did really enjoy my pasta and it was always pretty buzzing and busy. If there’s a wait they let you stop at the Aperitivi Wine Bar pictured above and call you when a table is ready.

8. Take a day trip to Varenna

Varenna is incredibly close to Bellagio. It is only a 15-minute ferry ride. Don’t miss the chance to explore another charming Lake Como town! Highlights would include visiting Villa Monastero and strolling through the waterfront streets. For more things to do in Varenna, read my full post here.

Where to Eat & Drink in Bellagio

There are so many nice food options in Bellagio. I am always craving a nice Italian meal and you will be in foodie heaven for sure on your trip to Lake Como. Here are some of the spots I tried while I visited!

Breakfast: Pasticceria Castelli is a wonderful bakery with the most amazing tomato focaccia bread ever (first picture above).
Quick Easy Lunch: Dai Viga is a quick place for fresh pasta. If you want a tasty custom-made panini then head into any of the salumerie in town. A salumeria is an Italian deli shop. I loved the sandwich I got at Macelleria Salumeria Butti Enrici.
Apertivo: Hotel du Lac has an amazing rooftop bar where you can watch the sunset with a beautiful view (second picture above). Hotel Florence has an outdoor area right in front of the lake and during wisteria season you’ll find it covered in purple flowers (third picture above).
Dinner: La Lanterna (last 2 pictures above) or Trattoria San Giacomo

Where to Stay in Bellagio

Affordable Hotels in Bellagio

Bellagio Center Apartment n°12: Who says Lake Como is expensive? I was able to stay at this cute Airbnb-style apartment literally next to the famous street pictured in the middle above. For only €100 a night (in April), this charming apartment was a no-brainer. The place was super cute inside and out. It had a balcony overlooking the prime streets of Bellagio. I loved waking up early to have this photogenic street to myself and couldn’t believe how affordable it was! Be sure to act quickly and reserve this place as is almost always booked due to its affordability and location.

🎥 Watch my Instagram video to see what this apartment looks like from the inside to the outside!

Mid-range Hotels in Bellagio

Hotel Du Lac is a great option with comfortable rooms. It is literally in front of the Bellagio ferry port. They also have a wonderful rooftop bar and are family owned.

Hotel Florence is a beautiful hotel right on the lakefront promenade. They have a famous restaurant covered in Wisteria too.

Luxury Hotels in Bellagio

Hotel Belvedere is a stunning property with hotel rooms overlooking the lake.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is owned by a family of 3 generations. The stunning villa was transformed into a luxury 5-star hotel in 1873.

How to Get to Bellagio

The nearest major airport to Bellagio is Milan Malpensa Airport. From there, you can take a train to Varenna-Esino station which will take approximately 1 hour. Train tickets can be purchased at the station or online through Omio. Read my guide on taking a day trip from Milan to Lake Como here. Then, you’ll need to take a ferry to Bellagio which is another 15-20 minutes. You can check the ferry schedule online on the Navigazione Laghi website.

Have you fallen in love with Bellagio, Lombardy’s prettiest town yet?

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