Bukit Cinta: The Most Epic Viewpoint of Mt. Agung in Bali

Want to know what the best viewpoint of Mount Agung is? Then you’ve got to check out Bukit Cinta! Bukit Cinta translates to the “Hill of Love” and you’ll see why when you get there! It is such a dreamy location with the most breathtaking views.

According to legend, Bukit Cinta was believed to be the meeting place of star-crossed lovers who were forbidden to be together. Hence, this is how it got its name, the “Hill of Love.”

You’ll find the rolling hills, endless rice paddies, and stunning Mt. Agung in the backdrop.

If you want a good sunrise mission, this is absolutely it. You will want to wake up early for this one, trust me!

Bukit Cinta is located in East Bali in the Karangasem Regency. It’s in a more remote area of Bali making it less visited than many other popular places in Bali.

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Entry & Opening Hours

Entry: It’s free to visit Bukit Cinta. There is no entry free as it’s an open field!

Opening Hours: Open for visitors all the time

Check out my full blog post if you want to know even more amazing viewpoints for Mount Agung!

How to Get To Bukit Cinta – Location & Map

Bukit Cinta is located in a more remote location and there is no Grab in the area, unfortunately. So you’ll need to arrange a driver ahead of time especially if you’re going very early morning.

From Canggu: Driving time is 2.5+ hours depending on traffic.

From Seminyak: Driving time is 2.5+ hours depending on traffic.

From Ubud: Driving time is 2.5+ hours depending on traffic.

From Amed: Driving time is 30+ hours depending on traffic.

🚗 To book a driver, I’d recommend going through Get Your Guide where you can hire someone for the entire day for as little as $60. The pickups are from major towns across Bali however (such as Canggu & Ubud).

If you need a driver in a different city than the major ones, I could recommend Ramadan. You can contact him via ☎️ WhatsApp here. He was so kind and sweet so you’ll be in good hands! Let him know I sent you 🙂 His prices were way more reasonable than other drivers!

Map of Bukit Cinta

Google Maps Location
Address: HJF5+FGV, Abyandauh,Pangi Karangasem, Karangasem, Kec. Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80811

Where to Stay

The location of Bukit Cinta is quite far from Ubud and Canggu (both 2+ hours away). You may want to opt to stay at a nearby hotel in order to avoid an even earlier wake-up call than you’re used to. I stayed at Villa di Bias which is only a 10-minute motorbike ride away. It was one of my amazing finds! I found it when looking for nearby hotels with a view.

Follow me on Instagram if you like finding unique hotels like this! I love to share hotels with a view – it’s my specialty 🙂

Let me tell you, this hotel has the most insane view of Mount Agung and was well worth every penny staying here for the incredible sunset I witnessed. For Bali, it’s on the pricier side at $100 a night for the room I booked which is the villa with a shared pool. If you spend $50 more you get a villa with a private infinity pool. This room type was sold out during my stay.

⭐ The wonderful thing about staying here is that the staff kindly took me by motorbike to Buka Cinta at sunrise and waited for me for only 100k IDR ($6 USD)! Be sure to ask ahead though in case they can offer the same to you.

I would also recommend staying in the Amed area as it’s only 30 minutes away and there’s more to do in the area. You can search for Amed hotels here.

Best Time to Visit Bukit Cinta, Bali

The best time for photography at Bukit Cinta is sunrise or sunset when the sky is painted with colorful hues. A few clouds are also nice which gives it more of a dreamy look.

The mountain is covered with heavy clouds most of the day so that’s why it’s important to visit early morning or at sunset. You may not even have any visibility at all of the mountain during the day unless you’re lucky with small windows during the day (maybe around 2 or so) where there are fewer clouds.

If you come at sunrise, which I highly recommend, get there 20 minutes early so you can set up your photo the way you want and scout the location!

Photo Tips for Bukit Cinta

For photo opportunities, Bukit Cinta offers panoramic vistas of rolling hills, verdant forests, and often, stunning sunsets. The landscape provides a perfect backdrop for photo lovers. There are so many different angles you can experiment with. This is one of Bali’s most instagrammable locations so have fun with it!

  1. Go at sunrise or sunset for the best lighting. Arrive 20-30 minute before the sunrise or sunset.
  2. Experiment with different angles. Frame your photo with the grass in the foreground which you can get at a lower angle!
  3. Visit the different viewpoints – at the top of the hill and at the bottom (requires a trek). The lower requires you to walk through the grass. Don’t make my mistake and plow straight through the middle lol. I didn’t see there’s a pathway at the very left which is not as covered with tall grass. Be careful if you walk down the hill as it can be slippery. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes! I didn’t go all the way down as I was solo and a bit nervous I’d fall.
  4. If you have a drone, use it for the most epic photos. You can go high up and see all the rolling hills and rice fields. Purely magical! I use the DJI Mini 3 Pro which I’d recommend!
  5. Use a tripod if you’re traveling Bali solo but make sure it’s sturdy as there’s a lot of grass and can be difficult to make it stand up without falling. I use the Manfrotto Tripod which works for both DSLR & phone. I also have a simpler tripod only for phone.

Check out what’s in my camera bag as a solo female traveler!

Things to Do Near Bukit Cinta in East Bali

While you’re visiting Bukit Cinta you might want to pair it with some other fun things to do in the area. This area is full of nature and beauty!

1. Check out the view at Bukit Dausa

Similar to Bukit Cinta, Bukit Dausa (Google Maps Location) is another stunning place to see views of Mt. Agung. It is only a 10 minute drive from Bukit Cinta.

2. Visit Tirta Gangga Water Temple

This is one of. the most popular places to visit during your Bali itinerary!

3. Taman Ujung Water Palace

Another stunning water palace which I preferred to Tirta Gangga. Plus, there’s way less tourists here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helps you better plan your trip to Bukit Cinta in Bali!

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