5 Best Sunrise Viewpoints of Mount Agung in Bali

I literally can’t get over how beautiful the views of Mount Agung are. In this post, I’ll take you through the 5 best sunset or sunrise viewpoints of Mount Agung in Bali! These are also really great Instagram spots in Bali and very few people will be around making it even better!

To get you up to speed, Mount Agung is a famous active volcano located in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia. It is extremely important to the Balinese people because it holds great spiritual significance and is considered the home of the gods according to Hindu beliefs. Standing at 3,142 meters (10,308 feet) above sea level, Mount Agung is one of the most impressive sights I’ve seen in Bali.

Now let’s get into the best secret photo points of this amazing sight!

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Best Time to Visit the Viewpoints of Mount Agung

Due to its elevation and geographical location, Mount Agung is often covered in clouds for most of the day. I’ve stayed at 2 hotels with views of the mountain and was outside working most the day and can attest to this!

Consequently, the best time to visit the viewpoints of Mount Agung is during the early morning at sunrise or sunrise when the clouds tend to disperse.

During these times, visibility of the stunning volcano and its surroundings will likely be clear. I did get some moments in the day were the clouds were not as heavy around 2pm but it is all weather dependent!

5 Best Sunrise Viewpoints of Mount Agung in Bali

1. Bukit Cinta

Bukit Cinta viewpoint is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Mount Agung. To get there, you can hire a scooter or car. It is located in quite a remote area, 2 hours from Ubud and 2.5 hours from Canggu. I opted to stay at a nearby hotel (#2 in this list of best viewpoints of Mount Agung!) since I wanted to visit at sunrise for the best photo opportunity.

Upon arrival, a short hike leads to the viewpoint and you’ll find panoramic views of rice terraces and rolling hills. The grass is quite high so be sure to bring appropriate shoes. You can walk along the left for a pathway which I didn’t see at first before plowing through the high grass (lol!).

To capture the beauty of Bukit Cinta in photographs, consider bringing a wide-angle lens to capture the scenery and a tripod for stability.

📍 Bukit Cinta (Google Maps Location)
📕 Read my full Guide on visiting Bukit Cinta

2. Villa di Bias

This hotel was an amazing find of mine! I was looking for a place near to Bukit Cinta (in #1 of this post) and ideally with the view of Mount Agung. I found this little gem with an infinity pool and a backdrop of the mountain. I loved every minute of my stay watching the incredible view of Mt. Agung while relaxing in the pool.

The staff here were ultra kind and welcoming. They were at my assistance and so quick to reply on Whatsapp to any need.

If you’re looking to visit Bukit Cinta and worried about how to get there, then Villa di Bias might be the ideal solution. Yuda, part of the staff there, kindly took me to the viewpoint at 6am on his scooter! Just be sure to ask them in advance to see if they can do the same for you. It was so great as there is no Grab (similar to Uber) in this area. And I don’t drive a scooter myself (too afraid haha as a solo traveler in Bali).

I booked was the Villa with a Shared Pool (shared with only one other villa). It cost $100 a night and was well worth it for the epic sunset I witnessed. It actually had me in awe the entire evening to see all the amazing sunset colors straight from my hotel. This particular room type I booked was down 70 big steps so keep that in mind. The hotel took care of transporting every single one of my bags so it was absolutely no problem.

There is also another room at the top without the need to trek stairs. That one is actually an even better room with a private infinity pool. It’s $50 extra a night. The room type was sold out during my visit but as you can see I still had an amazing room and view!

📍 Villa di Bias (Google Maps Location)

3. Sunda Hill

This is the best secret viewpoint of Mount Agung by far! It’s located only a 10 minute walk from the epic treehouse, Camaya Hotel located in the Sidemen area. You’ll find endless rice paddies with the stunning mountain in the backdrop. Another must-see at sunrise for the most magical view.

The location is a bit tricky to find as you wouldn’t realize to pass behind a shop. You can find the Google Maps coordinates here for the entrance. Literally, no one was around when I came here in the early morning.

📍 Sunda Hill (Google Maps Location)

4. La Montagne Coffee, Mahagiri Viewpoint

This coffee shop and restaurant is located very close to one of the bamboo treehouses I stayed at in the area, Magic Hills (which I highly recommend booking for your adventures seeing the most epic viewpoints of Mt. Agung).

Not only that, this coffee shop is also part of a hotel! I ended up staying here a couple days after I stayed at Magic Hills. For only $30 a night I had a huge room and could work at their cafe most the day with THESE VIEWS! It was so nice. Book the Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant here.

Just as I mentioned before, the mountain is covered most of the day except for morning and sunset. There will be a few small chances during the day where there are fewer clouds.

📍 La Montagne Coffee (Google Maps Location)

5. Lahangan Sweet

Last but not least is Lahangan Sweet. This viewpoint is the hardest to reach out of all of them. I went during sunset and you have two ways to get there. Your taxi will drop you off at the nearest location. From there, you will have to take a jeep to the viewpoint or walk 20 minutes.

After we left from the sunset and it was dark, the jeep ride was slightly scary but completely doable. It’s just a narrow windy path and you’ll be almost bumping heads riding back up.

There are many different viewing platforms where you can take photos and there’s a 5 minute limit to each one. However, they didn’t really enforce it for me since not too many people were waiting around.

📍 Lahangan Sweet (Google Maps Location)

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post on the most epic viewpoints of Mount Agung in Bali!

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