Best Mykonos Streets for Instagram and Photo Lovers

Mykonos is one of the most photogenic islands in Greece. The Cyclades are known for those gorgeous white-washed buildings and if you love bougainvillea flowers you will find them adorning so many of the streets and walkways of Mykonos. This post goes into the best Mykonos streets for Instagram and photography lovers. Grab your camera and go but go early to avoid the crowds that fill the beautiful streets of Mykonos. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to get the BONUS map with even more instagrammable spots saved that you can’t miss during your visit to Mykonos.

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Before you go:
🌬️Mykonos is known as the Island of the Winds and it is WINDY! June to September are the windiest months but it is windy all year long. This means photography can become very difficult if you’re on your own like I was. Normally, I use a tripod to shoot my own pictures while I travel solo. However, I had to depend on strangers to help me shoot in Mykonos due to the wind toppling over my tripod. I also had the wind blowing my dresses all the way up and my hair going crazy in my face! It’s best to pack long dresses for this reason.
📸 Hire a photographer: You can also hire a photographer which I would recommend to get the best photos and if you’re on your own it will be super helpful. You can book a private photographer here!
🌅 Rise Early! Mykonos is a super busy island. To avoid large groups of people in your photo it’s best to start shooting before 10 am. The earlier you can get up the better!
🏨 Stay in a hotel in Mykonos Town if you want to be close to all the photo spots so you don’t have to walk far if you rise early for a photo shoot. I stayed in Anagram Boutique Hotel because it was more affordable for a solo traveler than all the other overly priced hotels in the area (Check the latest prices & book here).

Instagrammable Mykonos Streets for Photo Lovers

1. Kastro’s Restaurant on Agion Anargyron Street

the prettiest streets by the sea in mykonos greece
Kastro’s Restaurant sea view alley streets in mykonos

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Kastro’s Restaurant was on my bucket list to see after seeing it plastered all over Instagram! It is the most relaxing spot you could ever imagine. How dreamy is it to just sit at this little table on this narrow pathway to the sea? The best time to visit is right as the restaurant opens around 10:30 am so that the tables are set up and it isn’t too crowded with people. I was also lucky and went back by around mid-afternoon and it was oddly empty so you might be able to capture a photo at other times too! I thankfully had some strangers help me take a few shots here as I was traveling solo.

📍Address: Agion Anargyron 1 Mykonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

2. Negrita Bar on the Little Venice Seafront

negrita instagrammable bar in mykonos

Negrita’s Bar is a famous seafront bar in Little Venice. You will see the waves splashing so closely to the front of the restaurant which is so cool to see. Be aware that this is a very popular spot at sunset. If you want a table here, you will have to reserve ahead and they do require a minimum spend of €50 per person. If you’re on a budget, I recommend visiting after they open at 10 am. You won’t really need a reservation during the day time and you will get to enjoy the same views without the minimum spend!

📍Address: Little Venice 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

3. Kato Mili Windmills

Kato Mili Windmills mykonos sunset

These beautiful windmills are iconic to Mykonos and another one of the many great spots to see the sunset. You can take a photo sitting next to one of the Windmills and have a picture-perfect shot! But like most of the places I mention in this post, arrive early to get the best lighting for photos and not have people in the frame.

📍Address: Mpaoumi, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

4. #Happiness on Georgouli Street

happiness photos best streets in mykonos greece
happiness street photos mykonos greece

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This might be one of my favorite streets in Mykonos because it makes me so happy I must say! Being in front of a sign that says happiness just means you have to smile! However, this street can become super crowded with people as it leads up to Little Venice. You really need to come here before 9 am to have it to yourself. I came around 10 and I had to be very patient waiting for people to stop walking through so I could get a picture!

📍Address: Georgouli 40 Mikonos 846 00 Greece (Map Link)

5. Little Venice Viewpoint

little venice best sunset spots in mykonos photo lovers

You can’t visit Mykonos without stopping through Little Venice which is famous for its incredible sunset. This spot is right by the Nice and Easy Restaurant where I actually had a sunset dinner! I definitely recommend eating here. I came around 8 pm and luckily got a seat without a reservation. Just be aware that it can be really windy but I really enjoyed my time here and this view.

📍Address: Little Venice, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

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6. Mspace Boutique on P. Drakopoulou Street

mspace instagrammable streets in mykonos

This cute shop is on another street in Mykonos surrounded by bougainvillea flowers. However, I didn’t seem to get a good shot with them all surrounding the photo frame here. There are many angles you can take a photo here including just to the other side of where I’m standing. It is a tight corner and can be occupied by people if you don’t pass at the right time.

📍Address: P. Drakopoulou street 15, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

7. The Meraki Art Gallery on Mpasoula Street 

meraki shop in mykonos
instagrammable streets in mykonos

Meraki is a cute art gallery on Mpasoula Street, which is cute and picturesque. The art gallery is on a dead end so it’s pretty easy to take a picture here unless there is someone just sitting outside the doorway. I came before they opened which was ideal.

📍Address: Mpasoula 2, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

8. Mamalouka Restaurant on Kouzi Georgoulis Street

mamalouka Bougainvillea Flower streets in mykonos greece

Mamalouka is not only on one of the prettiest streets in Mykonos but it’s also a restaurant you can dine at too! The prices are on the high end though between €20-30. The beautiful purple-colored bougainvillea flowers and greenery decorating the exterior facade give it such an aesthetic look. You can get away with taking a photo here any time of the day as long as you’re quick!

📍Address: Kouzi Georgoulis 53, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

9. Bougainvillea Flowers on Zanni Pitaraki Street

Bougainvillea Flowers streets in Mykonos

Many streets in Mykonos will be adorned with beautiful bougainvillea flowers like this. Be sure to check before you travel if they will be in season though as it won’t always look like this. June is the best month to see bougainvillea flowers in bloom but they typically last throughout the summer. I visited in mid-July!

📍Address: Zanni Pitaraki 9, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

10. I Love Mykonos Stairs on Enoplon Dinameon Street

i love mykonos stairs prettiest streets

The I Love Mykonos stairs is super instagrammable The pathway leads up to a nail salon so arriving before opening time is best as to not obstruct the pathway from customers. If you love Mykonos you can’t miss this spot.

📍Address: Enoplon Dinameon, Mikonos 846 00, Greece (Map Link)

Map of the prettiest streets in Mykonos

For 20+ prettiest streets, facades, cafes, and locations in Mykonos (& Paros too), view the bonus map below!

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The prettiest streets in Mykonos, Greece
the most instagrammable spots in mykonos, greece

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  1. I work for a cruise line and my last contract was on board one of the ships doing the Adriatic and Aegean Sea itineraries. We visited Mykonos once a week and is absolutely beautiful. Ate in Souvlaki Story which was by far my favorite. People are so friendly and the streets are lovely. I have a photo of the I love Mykonos stairs but forgot to take a selfie ;’D