10 Best Cafes in Hanoi including Secret Coffee Shops

Hanoi’s coffee shop scene is incredible. You can escape from the bustling streets to find so many hidden cafes that are barely marked on the outside. Then, in most cases, you’ll head through a tiny alley and some stairs and find the coziest cafes in Hanoi. I visited many of them during my week in Hanoi and even did some work in some of the more work-friendly coffee shops.

Read on for my list of the best cafes in Hanoi, Vietnam from the secret ones to the most instagrammable ones like Note Cafe!

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Must-try Coffee in Hanoi

Vietnam has an incredible coffee culture with several unique types of coffee. Here are some of the most popular types:

  1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Đá): This is perhaps the most iconic Vietnamese coffee. It’s made with strong, dark-roast coffee, often brewed using a Vietnamese drip filter (phin), which drips slowly into a cup containing sweetened condensed milk. It’s then poured over ice.
  2. Egg Coffee (Cà Phê Trứng): Originating from Hanoi, this unique coffee consists of a creamy, meringue-like egg foam topping dark coffee. The foam is made from egg yolks, sugar, and condensed milk, creating a rich and indulgent drink. Egg coffee originated in Hanoi during the 1940s when milk was scarce due to war rationing. As a result, people had to find alternatives to traditional milk-based coffee drinks. Nguyen Van Giang, a bartender at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, created egg coffee as a substitute for cappuccino using whisked egg yolks and condensed milk. In Hanoi, they have a wonderful tour where you can learn how to make egg coffee.
  3. Coconut Coffee (Cà Phê Dừa): This variation adds a tropical twist to Vietnamese coffee by incorporating coconut milk. It offers a creamy and slightly sweet flavor that complements the strong coffee well.
  4. Salt Coffee (Cà Phê Muối): This unique coffee drink combines the bitterness of coffee with subtle saltiness. It’s usually made by adding a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds before brewing or by adding a small amount of salt directly into the brewed coffee. Sometimes, it’s accompanied by sweetened condensed milk or sugar to balance out the saltiness. This was by far my favorite coffee to try in Vietnam.
  5. Yogurt Coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Chua): Another creative twist, this coffee is topped with a layer of sweetened yogurt. The tartness of the yogurt contrasts with the bitterness of the coffee, creating a unique flavor profile.

Best Cafes in Hanoi

I spent a lot of time in Hanoi and visited all many cafes. Here are my top choices for the best coffee shops and cafes in Hanoi!

1. Hidden Gem Cafe – The Prettiest Coffee Shop in Hanoi

This was my favorite coffee shop. It was so cute inside and I loved lounging here with my salt coffee admiring the nice decor. I tried also a bahn mi sandwich which was one of the better ones I tried in Hanoi. They also have smoothies like the pictured mango smoothie!

☕ Best for: The Prettiest Coffee Shop in Hanoi
📍Location: 1 Hàng Mắm, Phố cổ Hà Nội (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Yes!

2. Tranquil Books & Coffee – The Best Working Cafe in Hanoi

Tranquil Books & Coffee is the best co-working cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam. You’ll fall in love with this place. It has super cozy feel. If you head upstairs, you must take your shoes off and they have tables low to the ground so you need to sit on the floor.

The place is super dimly lit so if you need a lot of lighting to read or do work then you might want to sit in their outdoor space.

They have 2 different spaces which I only found out as I left the place. Across the street, I saw there was even more seating. I love the interiors with the shelves full of books and the intimate feel of this place. It is definitely one of the best cafes in Hanoi.

☕ Best for: Working
📍Location: 5 P. Nguyễn Quang Bích, Cửa Đông (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Yes, but the lighting is dim so if you need light sit outside.

3. Loading T café – The Best Coconut Coffe in Hanoi

Loading T Cafe is a super popular place even though you might not see it right away when passing by. I heard about it from many other blogs but passed it right up when I went to find it. I tried their frozen coconut coffee and it did not disappoint. The interiors are super cute too and it felt like a place you could stay all day with a book or chat with a friend at.

☕ Best for: Trying Coconut Coffee
📍Location: 8 P. Chân Cầm (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Totally

4. Hanoi 1990s – The Best Train Street Cafe in Hanoi

There are many cafes along the famous Train Street in Hanoi where a train runs through a tiny street right next to you. One of my favorites was Hanoi 1990s.

There’s actually 2 different train streets in Hanoi and this one seems to be less strict with entering. Normally, the police will patrol and you can only enter if invited by a cafe. In March 2024 I visited by just walking up to the cafe an hour before the scheduled train. However, in some cases, you might not have that luck and will need to be invited on.

I thought this spot was so cute. But be careful as the train comes much closer than you’ll ever expect! It is safe but just be smart and listen to the instructions given by the staff when you visit. Sometimes the trains will come with no warning just a loud honking from the train.

☕ Best for: The ultimate Train Street experience
📍Location: Ngõ 222 Đ. Lê Duẩn (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? No, incoming train haha
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5. The Note Coffee – The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Hanoi

The Note Coffee was voted the 4th most instagrammable coffee shop in the world! I have literally seen it all over Instagram prior to my first Vietnam trip and knew I had to pay a visit here. There are 4 floors covered from every corner (even the stairs, ceilings, and fans!) with post-it notes. On all of the tables, you’ll find a stack of post-it notes where you can write anything you’d like and then you can stick it on the wall for everyone to read. I loved the experience so much. If you visit and find mine let me know!

☕ Best for: Instagrammableness
📍Location: 64 P. Lương Văn Can (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? You could, but it’s more for the experience here.

6. Hidden Alley Coffee – The Most Hidden Coffee Shop in Hanoi

I was staying at a hotel right next to this cafe and had no idea it was there after walking by the alley multiple times. I was looking for a nearby place to do some work on my blog and found it. You have to go up some stairs to get there after coming through the alleyway. It is a really great spot with an amazing outdoor space too and cozy relaxed atmosphere. It is one of the best coffee shops in Hanoi Old Quarter.

☕ Best for: hidden gem with a nice outdoor terrace
📍Location: No. 9B P. Báo Khánh (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Yes, people were doing work when I was there.

7. The Little Plan – Hidden Gem with Great Salt Coffee

The Little Plan is a hidden gem. I stumbled upon it after having lunch at An Cafe. I saw the sign down the alleyway pictured above and went to check it out. I really loved chilling here and also did some work. It was quiet and work-friendly. There were 2 levels and there’s also an outdoor balcony.

☕ Best for: quiet and relaxed atmosphere
📍Location: 11 Phủ Doãn Hà Nội Hanoi City (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Not really, it’s pretty small

8. Lifted Coffee & Brunch – The Best Brunch Spot in Hanoi

If you’re tired of Vietnamese food, stop by Lifted Coffee & Brunch for the best brunch in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was such a nice break from Asian food and this spot is popular. I had to wait about 25 minutes for a table. It was worth the delicious duck and cheese sandwich I had though.

☕ Best for: Brunch
📍Location: 101 P. Hàng Gà, Hàng Bồ (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Not really, it’s more of a popular brunch spot!

9. An Cafe – The Best Cafe with Bahn Mi

An Cafe is simple yet amazing. The branch I went to was quite small on the inside but there’s a a few tables lined outside. The food is fantastic. I think this was the best bahn mi I tried in Hanoi to be honest. I liked it more than the one at the famous Bahn Mi 25. I also had a strawberry bananna smoothie and it was delicious.

☕ Best for: Bahn Mi, Smoothies, Tea & Coffee
📍Location: 15 P. Phủ Doãn, Hàng Trống (Google Maps)
💻 Work-friendly? Not really, it’s pretty small

10. Cong Caphe – The Most Popular Cafe in Hanoi

Last but not least, Cong Caphe is a really famous coffee shop in Hanoi and you will find many locations throughout the city. They are all super cute cafes with multiple levels and lookout windows for the best views in town. The one above is right outside St Joseph’s Cathedral so you can have a coffee and a view of the stunning church. They have really good iced coconut coffee.

☕ Best for: seeing good views and nice social ambiance
📍Location: Various Locations
💻 Work-friendly? It’s pretty busy and noisy. If you go to some of the less touristy ones then yes.

Hopefully, this post helps you find the best cafes in Hanoi! Let me know how you got on in the comments below!

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