Sicily 10 Days Itinerary: The Best Ever Sicily Road Trip

Sicily is one of my favorite Italian destinations and it’s often not the first place visitors choose to go during a visit to Italy for the first time. However, it really should be. Especially if you’re looking for a warmer Italian destination in the fall to prolong your summer. Sicily offers great temperatures even through November. The island is huge and it is hard to see it all without weeks here. Sicily is one of the cheapest places to travel in Italy too so get ready to travel more affordably in Italy!

So in this post, we’ll focus on exploring Eastern Sicily. It has so much to offer from the sun-soaked beaches of Taormina to the quaint fishing villages like Marzamemi. Read on for my ultimate Sicily 10 days Itinerary and soon you’ll be off to the best-ever Sicily Road trip.

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Before you go:
🏨 Select 2 to 3 bases for your road trip. I would recommend Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina and La casa di Irene in Ragusa Ibla.
🚗 Rent a Car: You’ll need to rent a car in Sicily if you want to explore some of the smaller beautiful towns. I use Discover Cars!
🧷 Travel Insurance with SafetyWing in case of any accidents. Better safe than sorry!
📱Mobile E-sim card to stay connected while traveling without the hassle of changing out your sim card!
💜 Best time to visit Sicily: Spring or late summer. I by far loved visiting during the October season! You will find most of the villas blooming with gorgeous Wisteria. The time varies each year but it is typically around the end of March and into April. 

Where to Stay during 10 days in Eastern Sicily

I would select 2 to 3 bases for your Sicily 10 Days Itinerary. The most ideal places to base yourself would be Taormina and Noto. From these 2 bases, you can easily explore smaller towns along the way. If you are happy with a third base, I’d strongly recommend staying in Ragusa Ibla. It was my favorite town by far. It’s a truly magical place and I stayed in an unbelievable hotel with a view of the entire town from the balcony.

Taormina Hotel Options:

$$$ San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel: This hotel is the best place to stay in Taormina for sure but comes with a higher price tag. It was featured in the White Lotus HBO series and has gained a lot of hype.
$$$ Grand Hotel Timeo, A Belmond Hotel: This is another stunning hotel and it’s a great place to have dinner or sunset drinks with a view of the town if you don’t stay here.
$$ UNAHOTELS Capotaormina: This unique hotel has a beautiful pool and beachfront restaurant with views of Mount Etna.
$$ Paradisea Taormina: This hotel overlooks Isola Bella.
$ Sicitaly Taormina: This is a basic apartment but is so very affordable. I stayed here for only 55 a night. The owner was super sweet. He picked me up for the bus station and he also gifted me these beautiful ceramic head magnets from the shop he looks after.

Noto Hotel Options:

$$$ Seven Rooms Villadorata: a beautifully decorated hotel in a good location.
$ A casa tua Affitti brevi: Located conveniently next to Cattedrale di Noto and many restaurants. Great host and reviews for this property.

Ragusa Ibla Hotel Options:

$ La casa di Irene: I stayed here and LOVED it. There is an unreal view from the balcony of the entire town.

How to Get Around in Sicily

By Car

You’ll need to rent a car in Sicily if you want to explore some of the smaller beautiful towns. I use Discover Cars! It aggregates many car rental companies and finds the best deals for you.

By Public Transport

If you want to travel by public transport, you will probably need to plan strategically and visit larger cities like Catania, Taormina, and Ortigia., These places are better connected by public transport. You can book train and bus tickets using Trainline.

Sicily 10 Days Itinerary

Day 1 to 3 Taormina

Taormina is a must-visit if you’re traveling to Sicily. It’s located on the eastern coast of the picturesque island of Sicily. Taormina is known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. With its stunning views, picturesque streets, and all-over beauty, this charming town has to be the most sought-after destination in Sicily. It is the best place to start your Sicily road trip too.

Here are the top things to do in Taormina:

  1. Have a granita at the famous Bam Bar. 
  2. Check out the icon White Lotus Hotel aka San Domenico Palace. You can have lunch or dinner there. Be sure to reserve ahead. 
  3. Hike to Mount Etna 
  4. Relax in the beautiful free park, Villa Comunale di Taormina
  5. Admire the views from the Greek Theatre 
  6. Enjoy a sunset drink at Bar Timeo
  7. Other drink spots include Morgana Lounge Bar
  8. Go to the viewpoint Belvedere di Via Pirandello. 
  9. Try arancini at Da Cristina
  10. Take the cable car down to Isola Bella or Lido La Pigna and enjoy the beach 
  11. Have tiramisu in a cup at restaurant Lido La Pigna 
  12. People watch at Piazza IX Aprile, Taormina. 
  13. See the many beautiful churches: Duomo di Taormina, Chiesa di San Giuseppe, Chiesa Madonna della Rocca
  14. Go ceramics shopping 
  15. Have dinner at Malvasia, Osteria da Rita (dal 1991), or Trattoria Da Nino. 

Read my full blog post here for more details on the top things to do in Taormina.
Watch this Instagram reel for a visual of your Taormina visit.

Day 4 to 5 Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli

On days 4 to 4 of your Sicily 10 Days Itinerary, you’ll want to base yourself in Ragusa Ibla for 2-3 nights. I stayed at La casa di Irene and highly recommend it. You can spend one whole day exploring Ragusa Ibla then take day trips to Modica & Scicili. You can visit both these towns in one day as they are small. From Modica (or Ragusa Ibla if you decide to head back there first), you can head to Noto to continue your Eastern Sicily 10 day itinerary.

Ragusa Ibla

Next on your Sicily road trip, you should navigate to Ragusa and make it your base for 2 to 3 nights out of your Sicily 10-day itinerary.

Ragusa Ibla stole my heart. When I first saw it on Instagram, I knew I had to go. It was even more magical than the pictures. The views reminded me of a mini version of Matera, Italy. However, they are quite different. With Ragusa Ibla is known for its well-preserved Baroque-style buildings.  The town is full of intricate facades, grand churches, and narrow winding alleyways. Ragusa Ibla is set on a hill, providing beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The best part is that there were literally no tourists here.

Here are the top things to do in Ragusa Ibla:

  1. Soak in all the magical views. The best views I had came straight from the hotel I stayed at which was La casa di Irene. I stayed here and LOVED it. There is an unreal view from the balcony of the entire town. There is also a wonderful view of the town located here and pictured above. It’s perfect for sunrise.
  2. Enjoy a meal at Il Barocco and That’s a Moro. Both were delicious. 
  3. Walk through the picturesque streets full of baroque architecture.
  4. Visit the many churches and don’t miss the stunning Duomo di San Giorgio.
  5. Visit the Giardino Ibleo and relax in the park.


Modica, another jewel in Sicily with beautiful Baroque architecture is known for chocolate-making. Its the perfect place to add to your Sicily 10 Days Itinerary.

Here are the top things to do in Modica:

  1. Explore Modica’s Baroque Architecture visiting the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the Church of San Pietro, and Chiesa di San Giuseppe.
  2. Tour Modica’s Chocolate Shops. Don’t miss Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest chocolate makers in Italy.
  3. Wander through the Modica Antica district.
  4. Visit Palazzo Polara, a historic palace known for its architectural elegance and the beautiful Baroque staircase.
  5. Taste Sicilian Cuisine. Some local dishes include “scacce” (savory pastries) and traditional pasta dishes.


Scicli is yet another beautiful town in the Val di Noto region of Sicily. Again, also known for its Baroque architecture.

Here are some of the best things to do in Scicli:

  1. Explore the Historic Center where you’ll find a wealth of Baroque architecture, charming squares, and narrow streets. The entire historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  2. Visit the Church of San Matteo, the Church of San Bartolomeo, the Church of Santa Maria La Nova, as well as the beautiful Palazzo Beneventano.
  3. Stroll along Corso Umberto I, Scicli’s main street.
  4. Explore the Grotta di Santa Maria, a cave church carved into the limestone rock.
  5. Enjoy the Panoramic Views from Chiafura.

Day 6 to 7 Noto & Marzamemi

From day 6 to 7 on your Sicily road trip, you can spend one day in Noto and one day in Marzamemi.


Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a stunning Baroque town in southeastern Sicily, Italy. It is one of the most beautiful small towns to visit in Italy.

Here are the top things to do in Noto:

  1. Explore Noto’s Baroque Architecture full of elaborate facades, grand palaces, and ornate churches, including the Noto Cathedral (Cattedrale di Noto) and the Church of San Domenico.
  2. Visit the many churches: Noto Cathedral, Church of Santa Chiara, and Church of San Carlo al Corso.
  3. Stroll along Corso Vittorio Emanuele which is the main street is the heart of Noto.
  4. Discover the Palazzo Ducezio, the town hall, which is an impressive example of Sicilian Baroque architecture.
  5. Enjoy Gelato at Caffè Sicilia, a historic pastry shop known for its delicious treats and traditional Sicilian flavors.


Marzamemi is a picturesque fishing village located on the southeastern coast of Sicily, Italy. Marzamemi looks like a piece of Greece right in Sicily especially when you see the distinctive blue-painted chairs outside the cream colored building.

Here are the top things to do in Marzamemi:

  1. Explore the Tonnara di Marzamemi, an ancient tuna fishery.
  2. Stroll around Piazza Regina Margherita
  3. Visit the Church of San Francesco di Paola:
  4. Relax on Marzamemi Beaches:
  5. Try Local Seafood Cuisine at L’ Approdo or Ristorante Nassa
  6. Take a Boat Tour
  7. Wander through the Village

Day 8-10 Ortigia

Ortigia is a small island and the historical center of the city of Syracuse in Sicily, Italy. It is connected to the mainland by three bridges. The entire city of Syracuse, including Ortigia, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are the top things to do in Ortigia:

  1. Marvel at the Temple of Apollo
  2. Shop at the Ortigia Street Market
  3. Stroll through the main square and see the beautiful Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia
  4. Eat a delicious sandwich at Caseificio Borderi or A Putia di Giugiò
  5. Try aranchini at Bar Pasticceria Midolo
  6. Take a swim at Lungomare d’Ortigia or Forte Vigliena
  7. Overlooking the sea you’ll find a 13th-century castle, Castello Maniace
  8. Watch the sunset at one of the waterfront restaurants (like Sunset Ortigia) by Spiaggetta della Marina
  9. Have dinner at A Putia or L’ancora

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