Wanderlust Jewelry: Travel Lovers Jewelry Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for travel lovers? These are my favorite wanderlust jewelry picks for travel addicts. I myself make jewelry and I have a deep obsession with travel. When it comes to picking the best high-quality jewelry pieces, I know best! Feminine and simple pieces are what I always go for which are easy and durable enough for travel. Whether it be a travel necklace to show your love for your favorite destination or the cutest travel jewelry case, the perfect gift for travel wanderers is all within this post! I hope you enjoy these handpicked travel themed jewelry pieces. If you are looking for jewellery for travellers this post is for you!

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Wanderlust Jewelry for Travel Lovers

Necklaces for Travel Lovers

1. Custom Word Destination Necklace

london necklace best jewelry for travel lovers
Necklace for travelers

My favorite jewelry pick has to be this London necklace which you can request that the word be formed into any destination of your choosing. So if you want it to say Paris or Tokyo, you got it. I am a bit biased on this one because it is one of my own creations! If you’re looking for the best handmade jewelry then this is for you. My passion for jewelry and travel is really representative here. I moved to London from the US 4 years ago and had to make something that showed my love for London. You can order this necklace in 14K gold-filled or sterling silver. The quality is really good and won’t tarnish or turn your skin green as I only work with high-quality materials. In addition to the London necklace, you can shop for other dainty jewelry which you can find all on joujoumylove.com.

Click here to shop for this custom London travel necklace!

2. World Map Necklace

world map necklace in gold wanderlust jewellery for travellers

This cute dainty necklace is another perfect gift for wanderlust travelers. You can select between a gold or silver finish. If you’re into minimalist jewelry this is the perfect find!

Click here to shop for the world map necklace on Etsy!

3. Wanderlust Stamped Handmade Necklace

best travel inspired jewelry - necklace with travel quotes

This necklace is hand stamped and you can purchase it with the words wanderlust, adventure, or explore making it the perfect travel-inspired jewelry you could ever own! It comes in sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length.

Click here to shop the wanderlust hand stamped necklace on Etsy

4. Custom Coordinates Travel Necklace

custom coordinates travel necklace personalized jewelry

This necklace is hand stamped with map coordinates of your choosing. It’s super cute and has a pearl adorning the necklace along with the gold charms with the custom coordinates.

Shop the custom compass coordinates necklace on Etsy here!

Best Earrings: Wanderlust Jewelry

5. Paper Plane Stud Earrings in 9K solid gold

tiny dainty gold airplane studs travel gifts

These studs earrings are so adorable. I love the cute dainty airplane and if you have sensitive ears these will be the best quality earrings you can get. The hypoallergenic earrings are made with solid gold so the quality can’t get better than that.

Shop for the solid gold airplane studs on Etsy here!

6. Personalized Travel Bracelet with your own travel quote

personalized bracelet with travel quote

This is your chance to get creative! This 14k gold bar bracelet is hand stamped with the words of your choosing. So you can stamp your favorite quote or travel-inspired word. Some ideas could be “Live to Travel,” “Adventure,” “Travel Far,” and so on. You have room for 14 letters to be stamped.

Shop for the personalized travel quote bracelet on Etsy!

Travel Inspired Bracelets

7. Sterling Silver Dainty Compass Bracelet

sterling silver bracelet with compass for travel lovers

This super dainty bracelet in sterling silver has a compass charm making it a perfect gift for a travel obsessed friend or family member.

Shop for the compass bracelet on Etsy here

Best Travel Inspired Rings

8. Sterling Silver Wanderlust Quote Ring

This ring is handstamped and made with sterling silver. There is a travel quote inscribed on the ring!

Shop for the wanderlust ring on Etsy here!

Best Jewelry Cases for Travel

9. Compact Velvet Travel Jewelry Case

velvet macaroon shaped jewelry travel case with gold zipper

If you’re like me, you will want to have a small compact jewelry case for when you travel so you don’t lose any precious jewelry. I found this one and got it in blue velvet – I absolutely love it. The velvet macaroon jewelry case is outlined with a gold zipper which is a really nice touch. There are plenty of compartments for rings, a pouch to store your necklaces, and then you can place any bracelets inside as well all for safekeeping. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors including white, light blue, pink, emerald, and more. It is also super affordable at only $12.

Shop the cutest travel jewelry case on Amazon here

10. Jewelry foldable travel bag case

pink Jewelry foldable travel bag case

Another super cute travel case for jewelry is this pink case. It comes with lots of storage space for all your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The price is only $16.99 which is great!

You can shop for it on Amazon here

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