Most Beautiful Riads in Marrakesh from Affordable to Luxury

Don’t know where to stay in Marrakesh? This time, skip staying in a hotel and stay in a riad. After all, it wouldn’t be a visit to Morocco without staying in one of these stunning places characterized by having an inner courtyard, pool, and garden. Not only that, Morrocan architecture is truly apparent in these particular accommodations. Think, intricate patterns and chic designs, and so Instagram-worthy! In this post, you will find the most beautiful riads in Marrakesh and each is so individually unique. From affordable options to luxury, there is a perfect riad for everyone. Read on for my favorite picks below – I’ve either visited these or found them through tons of research!

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What is a riad?

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an inner courtyard and garden. The Arabic word Riyad actually translates to “garden.” Most of them have a small pool in the center of the courtyard and a few different levels with rooms. You will find them all over Morocco and it’s a must to stay in one. Most have less than 10 rooms as riads are not typically large giving it a more intimate and homely feel. Many of the riads have cute wandering cats too!

Which area should you stay in Marrakesh?

For first-time visitors, staying in the Medina might be the best choice as you are in close proximity to many of the best restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions such as Bahia Palace and Jemaa el-Fna square. Here you will be in the heart of the city near all the action.

Another great option to stay is Kasbah, located south of the Medina. This is where I actually stayed and I chose Riad Kasbah for my accommodation. This is the Old Town of Marrakesh and it is surrounded by a wall first set in the 12th century. This area offers much culture and history for that reason. There is a lot to do here as well including a visit to the beautiful Saadian Tombs and having traditional food at Kafe Kasbah while admiring the views of the Kasbah Mosque from the rooftop.

How long do you need to visit Marrakech?

3 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Marrakech. You can do pretty much all the main attractions in this time and even take an excursion to the Agafay desert. I recommend doing this tour I did where you can ride camels or a quad and then enjoy a sunset dinner in the desert.

💎 Best luxury riad:Villa des Orangers
🏨 Best mid-range riad:Riad Kasbah
💰 Best budget riad:Rodamom Riad

10 Most Beautiful Riads in Marrakesh

1. Riad Kasbah

🤎 Best for: Simple Aesthetics
💰 Nightly Rate: from €85 per night
📍Location: Kasbah, 101, derb Harbil
🌐 Booking Link: Riad Kasbah

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Riad Kasbah is one of the most beautiful riads in Marrakesh located in Kasbah which is the old town of Marrakesh. This riad is simply decorated with whites and neutrals. You will feel at ease as soon as you reach here as you’re greeted with Moroccan tea and invited to sit down in the courtyard. Each room is decorated in a unique way and matches the modern aesthetic of the rest of the riad. Breakfast is included each morning and includes drinks of choice as well as Moroccan pancakes, fresh bread, and a variety of pastries. You can enjoy it within the courtyard or the rooftop terrace where there is another pool and nice views of the Old Town. Nearby attractions include the Saadian Tombs, just steps away, as well as seeing the Kasbah Mosque.

2. Riad Elegancia

🤎 Best for: Color Lovers
💰 Nightly Rate: from €138 per night
📍Location: Medina, 23 Derb Zaouia
🌐 Booking Link Riad Elegancia

Riad Elegancia is a gorgeous property full of vibrant colors. You’ll be amazed by the intricacy of the Moroccan architecture in this boutique-style riad. There is a cocktail bar (which alcohol can sometimes be hard to come by in Morocco) on the rooftop terrace. Here you can admire the sunset with a drink in hand and even take a dip in the pool. Not only that, this riad offers deliciously cooked meals by their  “Tabakha” (Moroccan chef). You can even take a cooking workshop where you will make traditional dishes like chicken tagine.

3. Palacio de las especias

🤎 Best for: A culinary experience
💰 Nightly Rate: from €95 per night
📍Location: Medina, 35 Derb Sidi Bou Amar
🌐 Booking Link Palacio de las especias

Palacio de las especias is one of the prettiest riads in Marrakesh. The name translates to “Palace of Spices” and you can see why after visiting and indulging in the great food. There are only 7 rooms at this property giving it an even more intimate feel. The location is also superior as it’s only a 5-minute walk to the souks and 10 minutes to Jemaa el-Fna.

4. Be Marrakech

🤎 Best for: Instagrammers
💰 Nightly Rate: from €89 per night
📍Location: Medina, à côté de la grande mosquée، 23 Derb Sidi Lahcen O Ali
🌐 Booking Link Be Marrakech

Be Marrakech is probably the most instagrammable riad in Marrakech and if you are looking at posts on Instagram you will surely come across it. This beautiful riad has so many intricate patterns and colors. It feels like you’re in a mini botanical garden tucked away in buzzing Marrakech. If you don’t stay here, you can book lunch or a spa treatment and be able to visit and take pictures if you’re a photo lover.

5. Riad Le Saadien

🤎 Best for: Intimate feel – only 5 rooms here!
💰 Nightly Rate: from €130 per night
📍Location: Kasbah, 14 Derb Arab
🌐 Booking Link Riad Le Saadien

Riad Le Saadien is full of gold interiors and simple decor making it as stylish as you could ever imagine. Only 5 rooms are in this riad – one of the smallest in this post. It features a rooftop terrace like many of the other amazing riads in Marrakech. This riad offers a luxury feel that doesn’t break the bank too badly. History and culture lovers will enjoy being in the oldest part of Marrakech, Kasbah.

6. Riad Yasmine

🤎 Best for: Photo Lovers
💰 Nightly Rate: from €x per night
📍Location: Medina, 209 Rue Ank Jemel
🌐 Booking Link Riad Yasmine

Riad Yasmine is another Instagram famous riad and you can easily tell why by the beautiful interiors. This riad was opened in 2002 by a French couple who made it a mission to create a botanical oasis. It only has 7 rooms so you have an intimate feeling here. There’s also an amazing rooftop where you can chill in the sun – Morroco is full of these rooftops and they are especially great for sunset to admire the surrounding views.

7. Ksar Kasbah & Spa

🤎 Best for: View Obsessed
💰 Nightly Rate: from €130 per night
📍Location: Kasbah, derb, Ksibat Nhass
🌐 Booking Link Ksar Kasbah & Spa

Ksar Kasbah & Spa is another beautiful riad in Marrakech with unbeatable views of the city. It is located in the Kasbah district near the Saadian Tombs. As the name indicates, you can get spa services right within the property so treat yourself to a Hamman which is traditional. The one thing that is so special about staying in these accommodations is the quality service and the feeling of being at home while on vacation. You definitely feel that when you set foot at Ksar Kasbah & Spa.

8. Riad Dar-K

🤎 Best for: Hotspot Location
💰 Nightly Rate: from €124 per night
📍Location: Medina, Derb Boussetta Lakbir 23 Quartier
🌐 Booking Link Riad Dar-K

Riad Dar-K best riads in marrakesh
photos courtesy of

Riad Dar-K is truly located ideally in the Medina just 50 yards from the Souks where you can find so much shopping and 100 yards from Madrasa Ben Youssef. If you want to be where all the action is, this is the riad for you. With only 5 rooms in this riad, act fast and book early as this one is a great find. Decorated with plants and other stylish touches, this might be one of the prettiest places to stay in central Marrakech.

9. Villa des Orangers

🤎 Best for: Luxury & Style
💰 Nightly Rate: from €544 per night
📍Location: Medina, 6 Rue Sidi Mimoune, 40000
🌐 Booking Link Villa des Orangers

Villa des Orangers is a 5-star luxury riad in the heart of Marrakech. Located next to Koutoubia Mosque, between the Royal Palace and the famous Jemaa El Fna Square, you’d never know this place was so central as it’s a quiet escape from the hustle. Complimentary breakfast and airport transfers are included in your stay. There are 3 pools at this hotel, all with stunning surroundings, some even heated depending on the season you visit. Be sure to book a hamman during your stay for even more relaxation.

10. Rodamon Riad Marrakech

🤎 Best for: Solo Travelers or the Budget Savvy
💰 Nightly Rate: from €20 per night for a shared hostel
📍Location: Medina, Amssafah 32، 40000
🌐 Booking Link Rodamom Riad

Rodamom Riad might be one of the most affordable riads in Marrakech. However, it doesn’t compromise the style as this riad is just as pretty as many of the other hotels in this post! And the great thing is that this hostel is perfect for solo travelers. Many people wonder if it’s safe to travel solo in Marrakech and while I didn’t go alone, I felt safe. Just be smart about your travels and don’t go out on your own super late. This riad is perfect for meeting people with many communal areas to meet others. You might be able to snag a friend to accompany you after staying here.

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How to find the best Riads in Marrakech?

Here’s a pro tip! You can actually go on to this specific search page (I already have it set up here!) which has a filter on the left panel where you can check the box Riads under Property Type. Now you will get a list of the best riads in Marrakesh.

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