Antiparos Island: Escape the Crowds in Greece

Antiparos Island is a unique and charming island where you can escape the crowds of Mykonos or Santorini. It is where the Greeks travel which means it’s a more authentic Greek experience. Tom Hanks also owns a home on this island and frequents Antiparos in the summer. So you might find him there if you’re lucky!

I fell in love with the cute white-washed buildings and beautiful pink Bougainvillea flowers 🌺 that you find on every corner! It is a lively place during the evening and you can find many nice restaurants and cafes.

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antiparos island things to do

Here are the top things to do on Antiparos Island:

1. See the stunning Cave of Antiparos 

Antiparos cave is located on Agios Ioannis Hill. The ancient cave is known for its stalactites and stalagmites.

It is really special because it’s the oldest cave in Greece.  Agios loannis Spiliotis (Saint John of the Cave) is a small 18th-century church that marks the entrance to the cave. The cave went unexplored for many many years until it was discovered by Marquis de Nouadel, a French ambassador to Constantinople. He had reason to believe there were many interesting artifacts to be found here and today it is a historical site that tourists are able to visit.

You might want to start the day early by going to the Cave of Antiparos as it closes around 3:30pm each day. To avoid disappointment, you should arrive well before then and purchase tickets online.

Opening Hours: 10am to 3:30pm daily
Address: Antiparos 840 07, Greece (Google Maps Link)
Tickets: Tickets cost €6 and can be purchased online here

2. Enjoy brunch at Elia Kafenes

Enjoy brunch at Elia Kafenes on Antiparos Island

Elia Kafenes was a tasty brunch spot is located in Antiparos Town right at the beginning of the main street. They had great juices, coffee, and breakfast items. There is a nice view near the port overlooking the sea and you can relax in the cozy environment here. I tried the BLT with a fried egg on top!

3. Stroll through Antiparos Town

antiparos town cute streets
icecream shop antiparos island

Antiparos Town is so cute, full of so many cafes, white buildings, and flowery streets. Just wander the streets with no agenda and fall in love with the quiet corners as not many tourists tend to fill up the streets. I loved just taking an aimless turn and finding pretty homes tucked away down a hidden street. There’s also a lot of boutique-style shopping full of handcrafted items which piqued my interest. I much preferred Antiparos after coming from busy busy Mykonos. It just had a more authentic feel to it. The places unspoiled by tourists are really my favorite.

Don’t miss the Venetian Castle (Kastro) too which is now in ruins and was originally built to protect the residents of this town. This castle was established in the 13th to 16th centuries and next to it you will find the metropolis of Agios Nikolaos which is pictured below.

venetian castle antiparos island

4. Sit by the sea and eat Seafood

You can admire the sea view while dining at the seafood restaurant Captain Pipnos. It is located in front of the Ayios Georgios Bay and has some of the freshest seafood you could imagine. A must-try is the octopus as you will even see them drying outside. Another specialty is a fish soup called psarasoupa.

5. Have a Beach Day & check out the village of Kambos

Kambos is full of white-washed churches and is close to the beaches of Glyfa and Livadia. You can visit this small village and then spend the day relaxing at one of the nice Antiparos beaches close by.

How long do you need on Antiparos Island?

Antiparos is doable as a day trip from Paros during your Greece island hopping agenda. I had plenty of time to walk around the town, enjoy lunch, shop, take pictures, and see the cave.

How to get to Antiparos Island

antiparos island Bougainvillea flowers

To get to Antiparos you need to first get to Paros Island. From there, you can take a ferry straight to Antiparos from Parikia. However, when I visited the winds were strong and they canceled the ferry from Parikia so you will have to keep this in mind. I had to then catch a bus from Parikia to Pounta and then take a short ferry across to Antiparos. The bus and boat tickets could be purchased at the point of transportation.

If you plan to visit more than Antiparos Town, you might want to rent a car. Otherwise, there is a bus that can take you to the cave from Antiparos Town. It will be hard for you to get around to the other places if you want to venture more. When I visited I stuck to Antiparos Town and did it as a day trip from Paros since I was limited without a car. I still enjoyed my time, especially wandering the cute quaint streets decorated with so many bright pink flowers.

Where to stay on Antiparos Island

If you opt to stay in Antiparos instead of visiting on a day trip, there are many affordable places to stay.

Artemis Hotel is the top choice for affordability without the loss of quality. This hotel is super cute and is near the Agios Spiridonas Beach.

Kouros Village is a highly rated hotel located next to the Port of Antiparos. It is also a minute walk from the beach and rooms offer sea views.

If you decide to day trip from Paros, you could stay in Parikia which is on Paros Island although there are so many other villages to choose from. Parikia might be ideal as it’s close to the port which allows for easy access to Antiparos. A great option would be the Akrotiri Hotel with views over Parikia bay and seafront views from the room.

Hopefully, this post has convinced you to visit Antiparos. I fell in love with the charm it held and the more authentic feeling while visiting this under-the-radar island.

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antiparos island things to do
under radar islands in greece antiparos

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