Es Vedra: Best Viewpoints for Ibiza’s famous Sunset

Es Vedra is a small rocky formation on the island of Ibiza. It is the third most magnetic point in the world. Legend says that Es Vedra has a special aura and emits great energy. It will truly lift your spirits. So many people flock to watch this famous sunset and it’s truly an unforgettable experience.

I had difficulty finding information on how to visit, where the best viewpoints were, and where to park so I wanted to make it easy for anyone else looking for this information!

This list compiles secret locations to see the beautiful Es Vedra and their exact locations. Whether you’re into photography or just sunset chasing, these are surely the most instagrammable places you will find in Ibiza too!

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Before you go:
☀️ Best time to Visit Es Vedra: In the early morning when fewer people are around or most ideally at sunset since Es Vedra has an unbeatably beautiful sunset!
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Best time to visit Es Vedra to watch the sunset

The best time to take photos of Es Vedra is 30 minutes before sunset. However, be sure to arrive early to find the perfect spot. I recommend arriving an hour early so you can find a place to watch the sunset. This is a popular sunset spot that fills up quickly. If you’re driving, you’ll especially want to get there an hour ahead to find a good parking spot. When we left, there were so many cars parked in areas that may not be designated parking spots since the lot got full.

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Es Vedra Best Viewpoints:

1. Mirador des Vedrà 

This beautiful spot is Mirador des Vedrà and can easily be found if you park at the Mirador Car Park and follow the crowds walking approximately 15 minutes til you reach the breathtaking viewpoint. You will find huge crowds here watching the sunset so it’s best to arrive early. Even with the crowds, I was able to get this secluded shot. I absolutely adored watching the sunset here more than any of the other places around Ibiza.

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Mirador des Vedrà: Google Maps Location
🚗 Parking nearby

2. Torre Des Savinar

Next on the list of instagrammable viewpoints is Torre Des Savinar, the highest point in which to see Es Vedra. Here you will find a coastal watchtower after hiking to this point and it is one of the best places to admire the view.

Torre Des Savinar: Google Maps Location
🚗 Parking nearby

3. La Mirada Restaurant at Hotel Petunia

I actually had the chance to dine at this amazing rooftop restaurant, La Mirada at Hotel Petunia. The sushi was absolutely delicious and I cannot recommend it enough! There was live music when I went in the evening and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe here. Plus, the hotel is absolutely incredible. I would die to stay at this hotel one day but it is definitely an expensive one! You can book a stay there here if you’d like a well-worth-it splurge. The place is huge with many restaurants and hotel rooms offering views of Es Vedra.

La Mirada Restaurant at Hotel Petunia: Google Maps Location
🚗 There is free parking located just outside the hotel.

4. Cala d’Hort Beach

The Cala d’Hort Beach is a wonderful place to spend the day relaxing and offers the most insane views of Es Vedra. Here you have the pier which you can walk on to get a postcard-worthy photo with the blue water and the impressive rock as the backdrop.

Cala d’Hort Beach: Google Maps Location
🚗 Free parking can be found nearby. Just follow signposts from San José.

5. The hidden cove of Atlantis

This is another incredible spot that is off the beaten track and a little tricky to get to so I’ll explain it as best as possible. Atlantis, also known as Sa Pedreda de Cala d’Hor, is a secret cove and rock formation.

To get here, you need to parking here and walk about 45 minutes by following the pathway and taking a left at the first intersection you see. After hiking for some time, you will start to see a road that goes downhill and you will need to take it to Sa Pedreda de Cala d’Hort. The way here can be difficult and you should bring comfortable shoes.

The hidden cove of Atlantis: Google Maps Location
🚗 Parking nearby

6. Secret Picnic spot

You can actually book a setup with a picnic in this secret location in front of Es Vedra. Just head over to Into the Wild Picnics to arrange it. It is the perfect thing to do for an engagement or birthday.

7. From a boat

Another great way to enjoy Es Vedra is from a boat! You can take a 4-hour Es Vedra cruise like this one and take pictures from the boat with the spectacular rock behind you.

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How to get to Es Vedra?

To get to Es Vedra, you will need to drive as there isn’t a good way to get there using public transportation. Just set your navigator to Mirador Car Park, which is also where you can park.

Where to Park near Es Vedra?

There is a free parking lot and from there you can walk about 10-15 minutes to reach the main viewpoint at Es Vedra. To find it, type in Mirador Car Park into google. Here is the exact location.

I hope you enjoyed this list of best places to see the magnificent Es Vedra. If you have any more places to add to the list, let us know in the comments!

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