Solo Travel Guide to Italy

Is Italy Safe for Solo Travel?  Yes! and we will go into the best places to go for solo travel and top tips.

Best Solo Travel Italy Cities: 1. Rome 2. Venice 3. Florence 4. Amalfi Coast 5. Cinque Terre

If you are new to solo travel you might want to stay away from the smaller towns and Southern cities in Italy as they don’t know English as well. That would be places like Puglia (although amazing!)

Italy can be relatively affordable if you plan ahead and make the right budgeting choices. There are so many amazing markets where you can get fresh produce in case you don’t want to keep dining out.

Top Tips: 1. Download an offline map . 2. Get a Sim Card. 3.Always let a friend know where you are. 4. Meet friends! Solo travel doesn’t mean alone travel.

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