Solo Travel Guide to Spain

Is Spain Safe for Solo Travel?  Yes! and we will go into the best places to go for solo travel and top tips.

Best Solo Travel Spain Locations: 1. Barcelona 2. Madrid 3. Seville 4. Granada 5. Valencia 6. Mallorca

Is it Expensive to Travel Solo in Spain? The average daily cost for a trip to Spain is €100 a night for both food and accommodation.

How Many Days in Spain is Enough? While there is never too much time in Spain, you will want to spend at least one week in Spain. This will allow you to visit 2 of the major cities and attractions and possibly go on a day trip to a smaller city.

Top Tips: 1. Download an offline map . 2. Get a Sim Card. 3.Always let a friend know where you are. 4. Meet friends! Solo travel doesn’t mean alone travel.

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