of Andalusia



why visit?

Frigiliana is a white-washed village in Southern Spain in which the Spanish Tourism Board has named it the prettiest village in Andalusia.

how to get there?

The closest airport to Frigiliana is the Malaga. If you’re visiting Malaga, you can explore Frigiliana in a day trip since you only really need a couple of hours to explore the town.

Frigiliana is split into 2 neighborhoods and the upper quarter known as Barrio Alto (Barribarto) Is where you will find the winding maze of streets filled with Mudéjar & Moorish architecture.

For the best viewpoints in Frigiliana, you will want to head to Callejón del Peñón towards the Vista Panoramica. Here you will find stunning panoramic views of the town.

End your day in Frigiliana by trying some of the local specialties and sipping on a cocktail at The Garden Restaurant.

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