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Fairytale Castles

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Eltz Castle

This street just truly feels unique and picturesque - it represents Paris so well. La Maison Rose is the pastel pink building with green doors in which you see many pictures of all over Instagram.


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Hluboka Castle

Located in Southern Bohemia, this stunning, snow-white castle is a true highlight of the country. Visitors from all over the world come here just to take some of their best photos!


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Lake Bled Castle

Bled Castle, or Blejski Grad in Slovene, is Slovenia’s oldest castle, perched on a cliff over Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, with a view of the gorgeous Lake Bled.


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Cragievar Castle

Cragievar Castle is one of the best fairytale castles in Europe. It’s located in Cragievar, Scotland, and is not that far from nearby Balmoral Castle, either, where the Queen of England vacations in the summer months.


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Alcazar Castle

 Located in Spain’s Castile and León region, Segovia has experienced much history, from the Celtics to the Romans, to abandonment during Moorish times, and finally resettlement after the Spanish reconquest.


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Pena Palace

Looking more like it belongs in Disneyland than Portugal, the Pena Palace is a 19th century romanticist-inspired castle in Sintra, 90 minutes south of the capital, Lisbon. It is undoubtedly the most popular castles to see in Sintra.


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