why visit?

It is a cute hidden fairytale village and one of the lesser-explored areas among tourists which makes it so unique. It’s known for its cone-shaped homes called Trullo.

how long to visit?

You can easily spend a few hours in Alberobello as it’s a small village. 4 hours should be all you need! However, it is a magical experience if you stay overnight in a trullo!

(1) where to see trullo

There are two main areas to explore. One is a bit more touristy with shopping in the Rione Monti quarter. This is where you will find the main stretch of trullo (you can find over 1,000!)

(2) where to see trullo 

The second is in Rione Aia Piccola, where you will find very quiet streets which is more residential. I really loved wandering around and seeing all the cute cone-shaped homes here!

Insider tip!

in many of the shops you will see a sign saying “casolare panoramica” which means panoramic cottage. This means there is a view above the shop where you can see all the cute trulli dotted across the town.

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